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Restaurant review! – Krua Siam

Friends, I have not been in the habit of reviewing restaurants that are not in the capital area, even though I know that people actually travel out of the city while they are here, and what is more – they have to eat! Therefore it may please you to know that good restaurants actually exist in other places in Iceland, as I was happy to discover this past summer.

We spent one night in Akureyri at the end of our Sprengisandur trip this past summer, arriving in town around 8 pm, hungry and tired and ready for something quick and tasty and relatively inexpensive [for Iceland] that wasn’t junk food. Enter Krua Siam. EPI had vaguely heard of an “oriental” place downtown that was supposed to be good, and as soon as we mentioned this to EPI’s daughter – with whom we were staying for the night – she knew which place we meant. It turned out to be a Thai restaurant which was more than cool with us – although we did have some doubts about it being on par with Krua Thai, our favourite Thai restaurant in Reykjavík.

We headed down there just after 9 pm. At the door we were greeted with a very friendly and smiling waiter who invited us to pick a table – it wasn’t very busy, being a weeknight and all, plus it was fairly late for dinner. We got the menus and decided to order pretty much what we always order when we have Thai – chicken in Massaman curry, and a beef dish with chili [very spicy].

The food arrived – and boy, did it surpass our expectations. It was better than the food at Krua Thai. In fact, it was like the food at Krua Thai was before they became insanely popular. By which I specifically mean that the chicken didn’t have that re-heated taste. Know what I mean? Chicken gets a special flavour when it’s re-heated, which isn’t awful or anything, but it’s just not as good. The chicken at Krua Siam was fresh. The beef, too, was amazing – flavoured with delicious, semi-exotic spices like lemongrass and something else that I didn’t recognize. The rice arrived beautifully presented on its own plate, shaped into a half-globe and decorated with garnish. Trés bon.

The service was impeccable – prompt and attentive without being imposing; little touches like our beer was poured into the glasses for us, etc. Plus the staff was extremely friendly, open and smiling. Top marks there.

The price was amazingly reasonable, especially considering the size of the portions – they were huge and probably would have been enough to satiate three people. We weren’t able to finish. All in all a great dining experience and highly recommended for anyone heading to Akureyri. Go Krua Siam!



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  • Djaddi September 17, 2008, 10:35 pm

    Cool, thanks for the review :). We’re going to Akureyri this weekend so maybe we should check out that place. And yes Krua Thai is the best one in Reykjavík.. My wife is half-Thai and she approves of it, so that counts for something :).

  • Cama September 18, 2008, 3:22 am

    Sounds wonderful! I love good service and good food. I may never get to visit Iceland but I never tire of your food reviews!

  • hildigunnur September 19, 2008, 2:43 pm

    Besti tælenski veitingastaður landsins til skamms tíma var (að okkar hér heima mati) Thai Koon á Ísafirði. Einhver var samt að segja mér að hann hafi dalað. Vona ekki.