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Reykjavík – home of the laid-back slacker

So, dreamy Gael Garcia Bernal is in town to do a play that opens at the Reykjavík City Theatre on the 21st of this month. Tilsammans.

YT: [to EPI over dinner] I read this interview with Gael Garcia Bernal in the paper yesterday
EPI: who?
YT: you know, that Spanish actor … no, Mexican … you know, who’s here to do that play with Vesturport about the commune thing
EPI: [blanco] no
YT: you know … that guy who played in Babel … who lost the kids
EPI: [blanco]
YT: … Che Guevera in the Motorcycle Diaries
EPI: oh him! Yeah
YT: I read an interview with him in the paper yesterday
EPI: yeah
YT: he says he loves Reykjavík…
EPI: yeah
YT: … wait for it …
EPI: yeah
YT: … because everyone has so much time and nobody is ever in a hurry.

[YT and EPI burst out laughing simultaneously. They laugh and laugh.]

EPI: that’s probably because everyone just wants to hang out with him
YT: probably!
EPI: everyone’s like, ‘Oh no, I’m not in a hurry’
YT: … I’ll just hang out for a while
EPI: I’ve got nothing to do
YT: nothing but time on my hands. Twiddle

[and laugh, and laugh]

And it’s stuck somewhere right near Niceland. Seriously! That’s what it’s called – a cold puddle. And we got saddled with it this year – normally it gets stuck somewhere near Canada, but this year, we are the lucky recipients. This means it’s supposed to stay cold and miserable until the end of March. Isn’t that great? [NO!] Anyway, for the past couple of days temps have been just above freezing, but today they started to drop again, meaning that all the half-melted snow turned to ice. You should have seen me out for my run today, you would have laughed. There was this mega-strong wind coming at me and I was running on ice, virtually, so I never got anywhere. My major success today was making it out to Seltjarnarnes and back without falling on my face and breaking my head. That, and also making it through a grueling four-hour translation exam: English into Icelandic, NOT my strong suit. Never mind when it’s a court ruling about EU Directives concerning broadcast networks in the member states and written in such heavy jargon that three sentences fried about 90 percent of all available brain cells. Due for another round tomorrow, but Icelandic to English this time, which I’m hoping will be slightly easier, less brain cell damage, at any rate. Perhaps enough left to pop a cork of champagne when it’s all done. Temps 0°C [32F], sunrise was at 9:38 am, sunset at 5.47 pm.

PS – to those of you who may be unfamiliar with Reykjavík … the joke of course is that nobody ever has any time in Reykjavík. People run around like lab rats constantly.