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Reykjavík, sun worshipping capital of the world

I wonder what exactly we’ve done to deserve such excellent weather day after day after day. I can’t remember the last time we had rain; it’s been sunny practically ever since my relatives from Canada were here, which makes it exactly one full month of sunshine. And this while other parts of the world are being rained on for days on end and having to endure floods and all manner of other calamities. We must have some accumulated serious credit with the weather gods, is all I’m saying.

Yesterday, after going for a run and performing assorted [light, very light] domestic chores, EPI and I wandered down to the city centre to check if it was still there, seeing as how we hardly ever go down there, even though being in close proximity to it is one of our main arguments for continuing to live in postal code 101. And, in fact, when we got there we weren’t quite sure if it was, or if it had somehow magically been replaced by some other city centre normally situated in mainland Europe. Because people were, like, relaxed. And sitting at outdoor cafés with sunglasses on and grinning like mad. Austurvöllur square was full of people just flopping on the grass and these two guys had this dj-slash-techno sound going and everybody was, like, groovin’. After we’d hung around for a while and talked to a handful of people we knew [we think – they had sunglasses on and were grinning so we weren’t sure] we took the scenic route back home along Tjörnin. Being spellbound by the laid-back atmosphere in town, we even stopped to smell [i.e. photograph] the roses on the way and to observe a mommy duck teaching her wee ducklings how to dive.

On arriving home, what should we find but our neighbours sitting out in the backyard about to inaugurate the picnic table we bought for the house last week and which EPI and one of our neighbours screwed together and then unscrewed, not once, not twice, but three times. [For safety reasons they had to make absolutely sure it held, or so they claim.] They insisted we come have dinner with them and it turned into a great backyard picnic that lasted until around 10.30 pm or until the sun had finally disappeared around the side of the house.

Then today – another lazy day of sunshine. EPI and I headed for the pool in the early afternoon and much to our astonishment, AAH decided to join us and wasn’t even jonesing to leave after half an hour. We flopped on sun benches with iPods attached, only interrupting our sun worshipping to fetch ice cream and/or cool off in the pool. Yes, truly. If you’ve ever been to Iceland, you’ll understand how absurd that statement is, because normally? We go in the pool to warm up.

Anyway, it’s all been very strenuous and exhausting and I’m about ready for a nap. Which probably won’t happen as I think we’re due for another round of dining at the picnic table this evening. That is, if the wind doesn’t thwart our plans, because it’s suddenly kicked up a bit. Temps right now are 16°C [60 F] and sunrise was at 3:40 am, sunset due for 11:25 pm.