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A couple of days ago, V. was kind enough to bestow on me something called a ‘Blogging Community Involvement’ award, because apparently my blog has the ‘power of schmooze’. I have no idea what that is or where the ‘award’ comes from, but no matter – V’s kind words accompanying the accolade are the true award – or should I say ‘reward’. I always find it tremendously rewarding when someone says something nice about my writing and my blog, particularly when it’s said in a sincere way. In this case it was both sincere and eloquent – although I hasten to say that the eloquence is entirely optional. I’ve had people email me with heartwarming remarks that would probably never be classified as eloquent, but were lovely and touching just the same.

Having said that – and I certainly hope this isn’t misconstrued – I really don’t know what to make of all these ‘awards’ that seem to be floating around the blogsphere these days. They seem to be a dime a dozen and to have all sorts of names – ‘thinking blogger award’, ‘rockin blogger award’, ‘rising blogger award’, etcetera, and after they’ve been bestowed, the bestowee is supposed to pass them on to another five ‘rockin’, ‘thinking’, ‘rising’ or whatever bloggers. Remind you of anything? Send this email to five people, including the person who sent it to you, otherwise all manner of calamities will befall you and you will never be the same as long as you live. Oh yes. Those dreaded emails that practically choked cyberspace about five or ten years ago.

So – I guess what I’m trying to say is, while it seems that many of these ubiquitous ‘awards’ are cheap attention-grabbers [and sometimes money-makers], the sentiment behind them is often eloquent and sincere – just as were many of those well-meaning emails we all routinely and dutifully forwarded to our family and friends back in the day. And while I am definitely touched and honoured by people saying nice things about my writing, this ‘pass this on to five people’ charade really makes me cringe, not to mention the thought of having a bunch of gaudy squares of dubious origin cluttering up my sidebar. And anyway, I couldn’t possibly pick five bloggers to award, because I love different blogs for different reasons. Some for their stellar writing, some for their humour, some for their warmth and unaffectedness, and some just because they resonate with me on some inexplicable level.

Sure. Guess what we saw this morning when we got up? Rain! Which meant there was only one place to spend the afternoon: Penis Mall. This time we focused on getting EPI some new clothes – that dreaded chore that becomes a requirement every two years or so, when the old clothes fall apart and/or become hopelessly outdated – neither of which EPI seems to have a great aptitude for noticing, bless. We hit pay dirt: he is now the proud owner of two very smart new jackets, a new pair of Levi’s, and three new shirts. Score. Oh, incidentally, guess what? Icelandair announced today that they will be starting regular scheduled flights to Toronto next spring, about 20 years too late for our YT to really take advantage, but hey, better late than never. This because of a new aviation agreement between the Canadian and Icelandic governments – and not to be negative or anything, but it’s about frigging time! Other Canadian destinations are on the drawing board, so all you readers in Canada who keep on about how you’re going to visit Iceland someday [you know who you are – wink] your excuses for not coming are rapidly becoming obsolete. Currently 14°C [57F] and sunrise was at 3:52 am, sunset at 11:13 pm.