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Shameless googlie entertainment [partly censored]

Friends, I have deprived you long enough of the googlies* that have drifted upon my shores these past weeks. So without further ado, here are some of the more, ahem, curious specimens.

icelandic smoked fish sheep poo

(from Newham, Stratford)

Mmmm … is there no end to Nicelandic delicacies?

Photo of Icelandic girl milk shower
(from Sweden)
Yes – I confess, we shower in milk up here. How do they know these things??

(from the US)
Well, okay, some of our tourists are pigs, but by no means, not all!

bluish penis circulation
(from can’t remember where)
Somewhere out there is a very worried man …

wery big penis
(from Lithuania)
… Is located in Kópavogur and masquerades as a shopping mall. Oh, and apparently the Lithuanians have the same ‘v’-‘w’ confusion as the Nicelanders, bless!

Tom Jones large penis
(from Tucson, Arizona)
Um ….

how can I become icelandic
(from Norfolk, UK)
Okay, I think my work here is done.

‘iceland weather’. Today’s was mostly cloudy, although the sun broke through around noon and sort of came and went throughout the afternoon. And it was warm – sort of humid, which is a novelty around here. Temps were up around 14°C [56F] and are a degree cooler now, 13°C. It’s amazing how the minutest decrease in daylight has an effect on the psyche – I am all too well aware of the fact that we reached the zenith of the season with the solstice, and that we’re now into the waning of daylight. The summer really is so short here in Iceland – you blink, you miss it. Sunrise today was 3:28 am and sunset at 11:35 pm.

* For those who don’t know, googlies are words people use for Google searches that wind up on the Iceland Weather Report’s stat counter.