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Silvía does the Acropolis

We were in Athens for the event and Silvia’s meltdown. On Saturday we went to the Acropolis and she showed up with her entourage and it was fabulous. She couldn’t have been more playful and charming!

Jim Smyth *

Meanwhile, EPI and I entertained ourselves at dinner with thoughts of what it would be like if every single Icelander started acting like Silvía Nótt. The Prime Minister would have tantrums on a daily basis, storm into his office and slam the door so that the window above it fell to the ground. Icelandair stewardesses would diss airline passengers to their faces [‘Ugh, what an ugly shirt!’] and spit in their general direction if they asked for something. Icelandic diplomats would call their foreign counterparts ‘fucking amateurs’ and ‘say fuck if I fucking want to’. Just imagine. Soon there would be worldwide sanctions brought against Iceland, we’d be kicked out of the EEA and the UN, and all over the world governments would warn their citizens not to go to Iceland because all the people there were fucking crazy. Every Icelander living abroad would panic and immediately try to cover up the fact that they were Icelanders, relocate to someplace else, other than where they live, and when asked about where they came from casually say, ‘Oh, I immigrated from Poland’, or something.

Wouldn’t that be fun? If the Icelandic nation took its cue from Silvía Nótt?

Meanwhile, as pundits [still] rattle on in the media about ‘the implications’ of the circus that Silvía directed with such aplomb in Athens, the girl herself appears to have evaporated into thin air. Suspect it won’t be long, though. Mark my words.

Mainly in the form of less wind, oh yes!! The wind is what makes the weather insufferable around here – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if there’s no wind, the weather is always beautiful in Iceland. There’s been a chill in the air all day, but the sun was out and EPI and I managed to head to the Laugardalslaug pool. YT even caught a few Zs on a sun lounger. Right now it’s 7°C and sunrise here in the capital was at 03.42, sunset is due for 23.10.

* Published by permission.