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So if they were competing in machismo we’d win hands down

Breakfast table, 9 am, chez YT

YT: It says in Fréttablaðið that Eiríkur is the most macho contestant in Eurovision this year.

EPI: Macho? He’s got long hair down to here!

YT: … Apparently all the other male contestants are either drag queens or super-effeminate. There’s a macho drought. The women are all hanging off him. And his wife says she can’t be bothered to get jealous because they’ve been together 32 years.

EPI: I have to get to work.

Overcast with a slight breeze, as evident by the minutely swaying trees outside my window that are quickly turning green hurray! Weatherman sez we’re in for showers later today and oh! What do I see on the mbl website? Snow in the east, with cars going off the road and whathaveyou! Current temps here in the balmy capital are 6°C [45F] with sunrise at 4:34 am and sunset at 10:16 pm. Oh, and in your opinion: Should Paris Hilton be granted a pardon?