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Some beauty pageants you just gotta love

Those crafty beauty conoisseurs up in the West Fjords are at it again. First, they gave the world the ram groping contest – now, there is the Untamed Beauty contest in which cellulite, wrinkles, baldness, sagging boobs, etc. actually count as assets.

Among the 14 contestants in the pageant – which will be held Wednesday night – are one Australian, an Icelander living in Norway and a guy from Jamaica with dreads down past his waist. The rules to qualify are simple: contestants must be at least 20 years old and must not have had plastic surgery. Period. Oh, and – get this – they will be judged on the basis of how fully they have lived their lives. How perfect is that?!

As yet, the organizers are unwilling to reveal what first prize will be, but secondary prizes include free snow removal from a parking lot, a free change from winter to summer tires at a tire workshop, and a free blessing by a local minister. Also, it’s kind of fun to note that one of the judges is a well-known ex-model who was one of the founders of the Miss Iceland.is beauty pageant years ago, but who has since turned her attention to worthier pursuits, such as chairing the Icelandic V-day committee. And judging the Untamed Beauty contest, of course.

The majority of proceeds from the pageant will go to the newly-founded Sólstafir centre in Ísafjörður [pop. 4,500, on the West Fjords, where the contest is being held], which is a counselling centre for survivors of incest and sexual violence. Since it opened, demand for its services has exceeded capacity and it is very much in need of funding; hence the idea to throw this unconventional fund-raiser. Incidentally, the pageant has generated attention far and wide – apparently the BBC did a report on it recently and other foreign media has followed suit.

Right then: you can go ahead and pick your favourite contestant … just don’t expect to see them walking down a runway in a tiara.

We’re finally starting to get a hint of spring … went on an errand downtown today and actually saw some weeeeee buds on the trees. Plus a crocus or two poking up out of the soil. For once it was mostly dry, with some sunny spells; current temps here in Reykjavík are 3°C [37F] [up in Ísafjörður-2°C brrr] and sunrise was at 5:54 am [yes! when I woke up at five this morning it was already light out] and sunset at 21.03.