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Something for the weekend

1. Go to see Russian Terem Quartet in Salurinn this evening. According to Wikipedia they play “repertoire from both folk and classical genres at a frantic pace and with humorous attitude” – just what the doctor ordered. Plus everybody’s raving about them.

2. Sleep. Been somewhat deprived of that lately.

3. Work. Has fallen by the wayside as of late. Polite call from author yesterday, asking when the copyediting of his translated manuscript would be completed. YT: ‘Right after the weekend, sir.’

4. Bump into Jude Law at the Kriglan Mall, where he will undoubtedly be shopping with his kids and the [cough] nanny. He’s already taken them to the pool, and also to the skating rink, so I figure the mall is the only place left. And it will be Kringlan, because surely he would not be so crass as to take them [and the nanny] to Penis.

5. Attend the 5th birthday party of my favourite little pirate*

[My favourite little pirate]

6. Surround myself with good energy and loving people because, boy, do I ever need that right now.

Rain today and Sunday, sun peeking through tomorrow. Winds 8-13 metres a second. Temps 0 to 8 °C. Right now 2°C and sunrise was at 09.17, sunset at 18.04.

* Benni, EPI’s nephew.



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