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Sons of Jesus 10, cameo by Doddsson

Think what you will of old Davíð Oddsson, you’ve got to admit he knows how to throw a surprise.
Just when you thought he’d retreated into the darkest backroom of Morgunblather headquarters to do what he does best, he turns up in a cameo role in a video with a bunch of dudes from the music magazine Monitor. The video is called Synir Jesú 10 [Sons of Jesus 10].

The segment shows a bunch of guys playing a video game. One of their pals calls up and asks if he can bring a friend over. They turn him down because “then we’ll have an odd number”.

At which he has to break the news to his pal “Dabbi” that he can’t play, and he’ll have to take him home.



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  • Joerg June 4, 2010, 10:27 pm

    Is Doddsson trying to hijack the campaign of the Best Party?