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Well the common opinion around here is that the Prime Ministers’ resignation two days ago is the sloppiest resignation in history and could not have been fucked up any more had it been performed by Mr Bean. First, news started trickling out that he might be considering it a few days before the actual event. He himself denied it with staunch ‘no such plans’ yet made vague references to needing to have talks with his party members [Progressive Party] at a meeting of the central committee next Friday [i.e. tomorrow]; then on Tuesday evening a press conference was suddenly called at Þingvellir [site of our ancient parliament where there was a meeting going on] around 15 minutes before the resignation was announced [unfortunately for many reporters, it takes at least 35 minutes to drive to Þingvellir from Reykjavík] and that was that.

Next thing we know, everybody inside the party is fighting – this member wants the vice-chairman to resign; another member wants the secretary gone; yet another wants everyone in the executive committee out; this cabinet minister says she doesn’t trust that cabinet minister; and meanwhile everyone is busy pointing fingers at potential successors for chairman who almost as quickly shake their heads and throw up their hands : “Uh-uh, not me, I’m not doin’ it,” “Nope, not planning to return to politics, sorry!” etc.

In other words, the Progressive Party, which has been around for almost a century and which happens to make up one half of this country’s coalition government, is in deep shit. Which of course has not gone unnoticed by YT’s favourite cartoonist:

Late autumn 2006:

Guy on left holding bloody axe:
“Well, we in the Progressive Party have now finished cleaning house and are ready to continue with the coalition agreement.”

Guy on right, who is to succeed as Prime Minister [and is from the other side of the coalition]:
“Who the hell are you?”

Too damn chilly for June! Yes I know this is Iceland and whathaveyou but hey, what about that fortuitous Greenhouse effect the Americans keep promising us? It’s rained like gangbusters these past few days but today the sun peeped through and right now we have blue skies with a few fluffy clouds. Currently 9°C and sunrise was at 03.07, sunset is due for 23.48.



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