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So, remember Paul F. Nikolov, a.k.a. ‘jadetree‘, who a couple of months ago posted a message on the website cruel.com urging people to spam The Iceland Weather Report with the comment ‘Aron Pálmi should rot in jail’ – all because he did not share YT’s views on what constitutes a pedophile?

He’s running for seats 1 -3 in the preliminary elections for the Left-Green Party in Reykjavík.

This is a guy who – under his ‘jadetree’ alias – makes an almost daily habit of posting malicious messages on that same website, including chilling remarks about the disabled, hate missives in his personal crusade against Aron Pálmi, and many more. And who now claims he’s going to ‘bring the voice of the immigrant community directly into the halls of parliament.’

Good God. Another hypocritical, two-faced liar. Just what politics needs.

And indeed it was a doozie. This is what my running path looked like yesterday afternoon. Mind you, it isn’t a terribly uncommon sight – that path gets shredded like that several times each winter, often by rocks that somehow get underneath the asphalt and destroy it from the bottom up.

Meanwhile, roofing blew off houses, trawlers came loose in the harbour, and a bunch of German tourists were terrified in the outback when every single one of their car windows was demolished by flying rocks. Airports were closed, and around 500 people coming from the US were re-routed to Glasgow. As predicted, trampolines went flying through the Greater Reykjavík Area [trampolines have been all the rage here for about a year], as did just about anything else that was not bolted down. We decided to leave our gas barbecue out on the balcony, figuring it was reasonably safe as the balcony is sheltered on three sides and we weighed the [fairly heavy] grill down with the gas container, which alone weighs about 10 kilos [20 lbs]. Despite those precautions and the shelter, however, we woke to find that the grill was not in the same place we had left it, but stood skewed around three feet away. Dramatic!

Today it’s kind of miserable – grey and overcast, with snow showers, a bit of wind, and chilly, damp air. Oh, and it is so hard to get up in the mornings now. Gah! At around 8 am when my alarm rings, it is still pitch black and dragging myself out of bed is a colossal task. November – for YT the hardest time of the year, when we’re advancing steadily into the heart of darkness, but without the colourful fairy lights, anticipation and boundless activity that characterize December. Sunrise this morning was at 09.26 and sunset is due for 16.55. Ugh!