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Superenthusiastic YT

So the last couple of posts have been a bit gloom-and-doom so today I thought might post about things I’m feeling kind of enthusiastic about right now.

1. Google Earthhave you checked it out yet? I mean, I’d heard it was cool, but nothing prepared me for the pure awe – not to mention childish delight – I felt at sitting and watching the earth from space, and then gradually zooming in… in… in until I was virtually sitting on top of the Toronto Dominion building. [Toronto’s the first place we thought of checking out since we’ll be going there in about a month.] Oh, man. EPI got the virtual tour of all my old haunts [“… and there’s Chinatown… and the Kensington Market… and Riverdale Farm… and the Beaches…]. It wasn’t until yesterday, though, that I thought to have a look at my current hometown i.e. the lovely Reykjavík. I didn’t expect to see all that much, since I had noticed on my earlier google travels that it was a lot easier to see things in Toronto than other – smaller- places, but lo! – turned out it was totally easy to see things here and I can only attribute it to the amazing clarity of the northern light.* The further north you go, the colder its gets, and the more clear the atmosphere. So up here in Niceland you could make out lots of detail… I felt like I was just hovering above the roof of my building, could see the cars in the parking lot and everything. My car was missing, though. Determined then and there that Google Earth is not a live broadcast via satellite, because if it was my car would not be AWOL with me sitting at home. Sleuth.

2. The Reykjavík Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts… where AAH went for an audition yesterday. While standing in the lobby, one of the staff [who turned out to be a head teacher of some sort] approached AAH and gushed, “Aren’t you the girl who sang in West Side Story?” She then proceeded to lavish praise on AAH and the whole cast, then to introduce herself, then to declare her delight that AAH was thinking of studying there. Incidentally – did I mention that this is the top vocal academy in the country?

3. Champagne… I just love the stuff! It always puts me in a great mood. This weekend EPI and I opened a piccolo that we’d had sitting in the fridge for ages and split it before dinner. It was only about a glass for each of us, but it was enough to make me laugh and carry on and sing and dance like crazy for about half an hour. At which time it was time to eat, which was a good thing because who knows how the whole business could have ended? [Note to self: Do Not Try Ecstacy.]

4. Diana Krall Live in Paris… next to EPI, possibly the best companion when drinking Champagne, see above.

5. Men who can cook… Ladies: is there anything more fabulous than a man who loves to cook for you? And who seems to have this innate sensibility for mixing together ingredients so that even the most mundane fare turns into a gourmet meal? And who moreover is funny, and kind, and warm, and a wonderful lover? [No. There is not.]

6. Jovial orthodontists… who only charge ISK 800,000 [USD 11,000] for the privilege of making your child’s smile look like a million bucks. [Note: this is not an example of acerbic wit but rather an example of Positive Thinking. “I am connected to an infinite universal supply…” “My orthodontist is jovial and caring and totally worth the money…” and so on].

7. Sleep… come to think of it, it’s been a long day.

And a few is all I’m offering because a) I’m beat and b) it sucks. It’s raining buckets and is extremely windy and damp and cold and yick and yuck. Temps are currently 8°C [humph! feels like a lot less, what with the wet windchill] and the sun came up at 03.28 and went down a few minutes ago at 23.25.

* Not to be confused with the Northern Lights, i.e. Aurora Borealis.