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Symphony of colour

The sunset this evening was amazing.

It was an unseasonably warm day – an Indian summer day – just beautiful. The sun was out, and there was just the hint of a breeze. Went for a run along the seashore and it truly was like summer, except that the light was a lot more dramatic, as it always is here in autumn. Whereas in summer you get this brilliant Nordic light, almost blinding in intensity, in autumn – with the sun lower in the sky – it’s more subdued, almost melancholy. Today, on account of the warm temperatures, there was a slight haze over the mountains, and when combined with that special quality of light, they were absolutely mystical. It’s a special kind of aura that makes you realize where all those Icelandic folk tales come from, the ones about mystical beings that live in mountains and rocks. The sky and sea, too, were a colour that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before – literally purple. Not mauve, but purple.

Anyway, I was forced to stay inside and work for most of the day, but around six I decided to take a walk to enjoy the last vestiges of daylight. When I reached the end of my street the clouds were already bright pink interspersed with a lovely egg blue, but by the time I got down to the southern shore – a bit further than the western shore, where I usually run – the sky was on fire.

Sunset in the West End

Just a short while later, it was dark.

Right now it is 11°C. Sunrise this morning was at 08.08, and sunset this evening was at 18.19.



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