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January 25, 2006

Apparently, the most popular type of food consumed during the month of Þorri here in Iceland are the soured ram’s testicles. Who knew? Certainly not YT, who balks at the idea of eating them, and this despite the fact that she does not call everything her grandmother* on the putrid-food front. Thus I’m sure you […]

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The history of rotten food

January 23, 2006

Lest you think that feeding your man putrid shark on Bóndadagur is just another capricious whim dreamed up by weird Icelanders, think again! In fact, there is a perfectly logical reason: that day marks the start of the traditional midwinter festival known as Þorrablót, where people get together and imbibe rotten food and drink lots […]

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Putrid skate for beginners

December 22, 2005

So EPI’s brother and sister-in-law have invited us to a putrid skate party tomorrow. Putrid skate parties are without a doubt one of the more bizarre Icelandic traditions. Every year on December 23, Icelanders get together and eat skate [as in fish] that has been sitting in a closed container and allowed to ferment for […]

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March 22, 2005

Kim over at Bacon and eh’s asked about traditional Icelandic food a few days ago, and-I-quote: “I would love if you could perhaps share with us a unique dish to Iceland and maybe provide the recipe? Are your meals much different than ours I wonder?” Now, you may [or may not] note that YT took […]

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Eat this!

January 21, 2005

Today is Bóndadagur here in Iceland, meaning that if you are female and have a husband or partner (male) you’re supposed to do a whole bunch of nice things for them. It’s the equivalent of Valentine’s day, only those crafty Icelanders have gone one step further and have two such days – one for the […]

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