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The aftermath…

Ah, Christmas. Those few special days of glorious tradition and creature comforts: eating, sleeping, eating, lazing in bed, snoozing, eating, sleeping. And rising on the third day for a walkabout and some photo-snapping in a city all dressed up for Yule.

Our putrid skate party went off without a hitch; the photos weren’t terribly exciting this year and if the truth be told I was feeling a wee bit poorly the next day and methinks perhaps the rotten food was to blame. Although I would never say it out loud. Valkyries like YT simply imbibe the putrid skate – they do not complain, complaining is for sissies. Still, it was worth it and will undoubtedly be repeated next year if all stays the same, i.e. if EPI’s brother and sister-in-law stay in town and DO NOT go up north like they threatened to do this year, striking dread in the heart of all who have come to depend on this oh-so excellent tradition [but hey, no pressure, though!]

EPI’s daughter, who is working in the reception of one of the main hotels in town, came over tonight and was absolutely dead on her feet. Evidently the tourists are flocking in for New Years’ Eve and there are lots of them. They come from All Over – the US and UK [of course], Russia, China, India, Japan, and all over Europe. And well-heeled they are sure to be – the hotel where she works charges the GDP of a small African nation per night’s accommodation. So I guess we’d better put on a good show. [Never fear!]

Our weather has been exceedingly pleasant – in fact since Christmas Eve it’s been more akin to spring than the middle of winter. Today was mild and calm and the snow is long gone from the ground. Currently it’s 7°C and sunrise later today will be at 11.22 and sunset at 15.35.



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