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The answer, my friend, is running in the wind

So after State Radio had confirmed that there were no trampolines flying through the air today [as everyone had learned their lesson during the Big Trampoline Storm last weekend], I figured it was safe to go out running. Never mind that we had winds around 25 m/second and hailstorms. The hell I was going to spend the day inside, going mouldy at the computer. Not my style.

I tried my best to keep my feet planted on the ground on the way down to the seashore, and once there struggled to make headway against the wind that was like a giant hand planted on my forehead, preventing me from making any headway. [However, I got an excellent workout and am already making plans for my own workout DVD, called Workout in Windland.] I encountered one other person on that seashore path who gave me the sort of furtive look normally reserved for the clinically insane. She had two dogs on a leash so at least had an excuse to be outside, whereas my only excuse was my serious addiction to endorphins, which she had no way of knowing about. Which has me thinking perhaps I should have a headband stitched up with ENDORPHIN JUNKIE written in big letters across my forehead. That way at least people would know what they’re dealing with.

Anyway, later in the day it started getting colder and then not only was it blowing but also snowing, and we still have a pretty substantial winds going on that will last throughout the night. So, yeah. Winter has officially arrived in Niceland. Right now temps are at the freezing mark, and a quick glance at mbl.is shows cars immersed in snow up on Öxnadalsheiði heath. A bus also blew over on its side on Hellisheiði heath today but fortunately no one was hurt. Sunrise today [Saturday, because it’s just past midnight] is at 09.42 and sunset at 16.40.

It has been brought to my attention that this page isn’t loading properly in some browsers, what with my new template an’ all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THIS PAGE DISPLAYS MUCH BETTER IN FIREFOX! I have no idea why Explorer persists in making a colossal mess of it [fonts variously being large or small or invisible; dividers appearing in places where they shouldn’t etcetera] but it does and my appreciation for Firefox has grown accordingly. In any case, if you are having trouble loading the page and it isn’t displaying properly, I’d like to know about it, so please drop me a line in the comments, or email me, and let me know. Thanks!