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The Codfather meets Baugur Group and all hell breaks loose, we think

So The Blovel is coming along swimmingly. [You know – the novel YT and a few other bloggers are writing on a blog.]

Valerie had the brilliant idea of having the main gangster, who is being frantically sought [exactly by whom remains to be seen], operating out of Iceland, and the blovel was promptly titled: THE CODFATHER – A NOVEL ABOUT DODGY GEYSERS.* YT then introduced Iceland and since then I’ve been consistently amused and/or impressed by the efforts of my fellow Blovelers [most of whom have never been to Niceland] to move the action over our way, peppering it with crafty remarks such as, “Better grab a Starbucks too. Last chance – Icelandic coffee sucked puffin bollocks, if he remembered correctly”. HAR!

The latest thing to make me split a gut was in the most recent installment, when the Great She Elephant introduced a certain Mr Jóhannesson – ‘a man living an apparently respectable life as an Icelandic corporate raider’. In other words, our very own Jón Ásgeir is well on his way to becoming a major player in our Blovel. Mwhahahahah!**

Gorgeous today, spent the afternoon sunnying self by banks of Laugardalslaug pool. Temps / sunrise / sunset approximately same as yesterday.

* The Brits pronounce ‘geyser’ as ‘geezer’ – geddit?
** Nicelanders will understand; others may want to read the full story here and here and here, if you feel so inclined.