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The earth will shake, in two will break …

Ehm, we hope that last bit doesn’t materialize, but the fact is that the earth has been shaking a fair bit around here for the last couple of weeks. There’s been activity on the so-called ‘western volcanic belt’ which extends from the Reykjanes peninsula [approximately where we are] to the north of Langjökull glacier. We haven’t felt any tremors in the capital area but the good people of Selfoss have been shaking a lot, and yesterday there was a quake 4.4 on the Richter scale in the Hveravellir area.

Meanwhile, the Civil Protection Agency has sent out a warning that there may be further quakes, and some may occur in residential areas. Yowsa!

In other words, this might be a good time to nail that bookshelf to the wall, and review the What To Do If There Is an Earthquake pages in the phone book.

Who cares about the weather these days – it’s the dark we’re concerned about. It gets light awwwfully late in the mornings now, and awwwfully early in the afternoons. And on days like today, when it is rainy and overcast, it just doesn’t feel like a proper day. Some people have already started putting Christmas lights in their windows – even though the Advent doesn’t start until next weekend, and that is the official start to the Christmas celebrations for us. And who can blame them? Anything to drive away the darkness. Went out a few minutes ago to drive AAH to work and there was this nasty damp cold – the kind that gets into your bones, with slushy rain coming down. Temps 1°C [34F], sunrise was at 10.33 and sunset at 3.57 pm.



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