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The Eyjafjallajökull crater, post-eruption

OK, I “post-eruption” might be a little premature, because no one can say definitively that the eruption is over. However, it has been inactive of late [fingers crossed], and this evening Kastljós had a segment in which they travelled up to the crater last night, in the middle of the night.*

It’s a very spooky landscape. The glacier is BLACK, covered in a thick layer of ash, and the crater itself, with steam wafting out of it, looks positively eerie. The holes left by rocks that were spewed out of the crater also look a little scary.

The guide tells the reporter that he went up there with a Swiss volcanologist who advised him as to what to do if the volcano started spewing rocks. Rather than attempt to run, he said, you’re supposed to stand perfectly still and look up at the sky. If you see a rock that suddenly grows in size, then it’s time to move over to one side.

It should be noted that the public is not permitted to travel through the area without a special permit.

RÚV doesn’t allow for embedding, but the link to the segment is here.

[*They set off around 3 am, and got up there around 6.]



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  • Mike June 4, 2010, 2:42 am

    Thanks Alda!

    That’s a very cool video – even I didn’t understand a word.

    And he wasn’t making it up about standing still when volcanic bombs are heading your way. This report is from the big Yasur volcano on Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific. It’s quite long, but worth it for the scenes of scientists running round dodging bit chunks of hotness:



  • Joerg June 4, 2010, 10:17 pm

    Really impressing footage, but did the thing actually start over again? I’ve just read a short note about an increase in activity on mbl.