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The little bitch goes home

We bid a tearful farewell to the little bitch* today [aka the Yaris] after I’d managed to squeeze out an extra few days with her thanks to the extreme tardiness of the auto shop that was fixing my car. They never call to let you know when they’ve finished the repairs [annoying], and in this case, seeing as how I had a rental car in lieu, I didn’t bother to chase after them [annoying for them no doubt, seeing as how they had to call eventually to get the Yaris back, nyah].

Anyway, I’m pining for a new car, even though I absolutely cannot justify buying one because, well, I hardly ever use a car. I work from home and I walk almost everywhere I need to go because I relish the fresh air and exercise. I’ve had mine for eight years now, it’s ten years old and has only 64,000 km on it [around 30,000 miles]. Plus it’s paid in full, and it seems very silly to take out a loan on a new car when it would just sit in front of the house looking pretty all the time. And my old one works perfectly well, gives me minimal grief, and is perfectly functional for trips to Bónus and suchlike. So even though I’m the last person in Iceland who does NOT own a SUV** I’m not going to be tempted. To buy one of those, or a Yaris. It’s just too extravagant a luxury. Right?


Because that’s one of the main reasons for owning a car in this country – so you can get in the car when those mean winds come whipping down from the Arctic. Not that it worked out so well for me last time, but that’s another story. Today was a pretty good day – temps just below freezing and minimal wind, which is good. We even had the sun shine upon us for brief periods this afternoon. Temps now -3°C [27F], sunrise was at 8.48 am and sunset at 6.35 pm.

* As she’s affectionately known chez YT
** Take my dear father in law, who at the ripe young age of 82 has just gone out and bought himself a Nissan X-Trail.