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The most delicate of winter days

It was such a gorgeous day today – sunny, cold, crisp, and totally calm. I went out at lunchtime and for once remembered to take my camera with me. Everything was covered in a fine veneer of frost – the stones, the seaweed down on the shore, the vegetation, even the footprints in the sand.

There were lots of swans on the sea looking a bit lost, probably wandered off from the nearby pond which was pretty much frozen over. As soon as I passed they came swimming towards me, looking for handouts, no doubt [alas, had I known they’d be there I’d have stuffed some bread into my pockets as well]. These guys virtually accosted me, swimming right up to the shore and even walking up towards me as I pointed the camera. They’re spoiled – accustomed to being fed by the locals. Surprised they haven’t migrated to Scotland for the winter – I guess with global warming they find it just as easy to stay here.

Right now 1°C [39F] and the sun came up at 10.17 am, set at 4.09 pm.