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This is why we love them

So apropos to the last post, the Baugur family has decided to celebrate their acquittal in Reykjavík district court by donating ISK 300 million [USD 4.3 million / GBP 2.5 million] to the Hringur Children’s Hospital in Reykjavík.

And yes, I am fully aware that nobody is entirely altruistic and this may very well be a shameless plug in the interests of image enhancement, but I cannot imagine the old power blocs [Baugur’s arch-rivals] ever doing anything quite so stylish to patch up their image. Plus the old power blocs never brought affordable Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to anybody, did they? Is it any wonder that Bónus is consistently voted the most popular company in Iceland? I think not.

Meanwhile, the Spaugstofan team were in good form this evening [for those who don’t know, Spaugstofan is a group of five comedians who every week do a send-up of the week’s topical events, as some of you may recall from this post.] Spaugstofan is not worried about the US military leaving Iceland or the defense agreement or who will defend Iceland when the fighter jets are gone. They’ve come up with the perfect solution: let Baugur’s lawyers defend Iceland.

Meanwhile, we’ve been living inside a cocoon of thick fog today. Widespread disruptions to domestic flights, etcetera. Went out for a brisk walk around the golf course and wished I’d taken my camera so I could show you people just how ghostly white and spooky everything looked. And while the rest of Europe is experiencing freezing temps, we had highs of 17 in certain locations today. Sometimes you just have to wonder why they called it Iceland, you really do. Temps at the moment are 6°C and the sun came up at 7.36 and went down at 19.37.