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As long-term readers will know, YT regularly visits a massage parlour to get her knotted shoulders and whiplash-weary neck vertabrae sorted out. And afterwards, unfailingly heads to the Laugardalslaug swimming pool for further treatment, in the form of water massage rigorously applied in one of the outdoor hot pots they have there [the one with all the retired sailors in it].

So there I was today, blissfully lounging in the pot. Steam rose calmly from the surface, the sky was dark overhead, and white flurries swirled all around. It was a little stormy but that didn’t bother me, cocooned as I was in the delicious warmth of the water. My serenity was complete.

Until a young couple appeared. They were quite obviously not Icelandic, and the girl was wearing a skimpy bikini top… and a thong.

A thong.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against thongs per se. [Except when someone deposits them into my open palm.] I even own several pairs myself, although I confess they are not my garment of choice. And obviously I’ve been on beaches in Southern Europe where Bright Young Things prance around wearing nothing but a thong, and I couldn’t care less.

However, there was something about sitting in a Jacuzzi this afternoon with a stranger who was wearing nothing on her bottom but a thong, that made me want to vacate the area pronto. Particularly since she clearly was not of the tribe that is raised from infancy to get naked and wash herself before entering the pools.

Call me uptight if you will if you shall if you must, but there it is. Yuck.

Stormy! Quel surprise, non? Indeed, a storm warning was issued last night and is still being issued and it’s all very confusing. I thought the storm was supposed to happen today and it did to an extent [see above], but it was nowhere near the trampoline-flying storms we’ve become accustomed to [although the gas barbecue left behind by the disappearing neighbours did topple over last night]. So who knows? The weather office doesn’t seem to, so the Iceland Weather Reports advises you to be prepared for anything. Currently stormy and 1°C, with the sun coming up at 09.49 this morning and going down at 16.31.

PS. Do you think this is a record number of links to old posts in a single post? I do.



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