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So – remember the other day I was all in a tizzy because AAH had announced her intention to start drinking alcohol on Wednesday?

Well, today she announced that she’d changed her mind. She’s not going to start drinking.

She figures she’s got too much to lose – and hardly anything to gain. She’d lose some of her self-esteem, some of her mother’s trust, and perhaps some of her dignity. And for what? She doesn’t even like the taste of alcohol … and certainly doesn’t like the way her girlfriends act when they’re drunk. Besides, she thinks it’s far too cool not to drink.

When did kids get so smart? A recent survey of kids in grade ten – which AAH participated in – revealed that teenage drinking and smoking and drug use has actually decreased in the last decade or so. I’m sure I could sit and speculate on the reasons, but I don’t really care to – the important thing is that she’s turning out a lot healthier and better adjusted than I was in my teens and for that I am immensely grateful. I know today that drinking and drug use seriously exacerbated my inner malaise at her age and probably stunted my emotional development considerably – although I have to say that the cards were not exactly stacked in my favour initially and so perhaps not surprising that I went down that particular road. AAH has had an upbringing that is a whole lot different to mine and so has not found the need to self-medicate in quite the same way as I did … thank God.

In any case, I really couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for her oh-so excellent decision and made sure she knew it. As did EPI, when he came home. And so, when she asked if she could have Thursday off from school – the day after the final exam, when there’s nothing happening anyway – of course I said yes. But pointed out that, had she decided to go out drinking, my answer would have been a resounding NO. Just, like, for her information.

Absolutely blazing sunshine. The operating word here, though, is looked – because it was actually window weather, with a chilly wind blowing all day. Brr. Right now 4°C [39F] but feels like 0°C. Sunrise was at 4:41 am, sunset at 10:10 pm.