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Wake up, vote for Magni!

Well, the Icelandic nation is currently showing the sort of solidarity normally reserved for volcanic eruptions, avalanches, earthquakes, or some other calamity. The cause? Our Magni is one of six contestants left in rockstarsupernova, and the last two weeks he has been in the bottom three [but managed to avoid the axe]. So over the last week, word has spread like wildfire and practically everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to ensure that Magni gets the greatest amount of votes possible from us – his tribe back in Niceland.

First, an email made the rounds, urging everyone to stay up and vote after the next show. You see, the problem is that the Supernovarockstar show is broadcast here live in the middle of the night, and you can only vote between 2 and 6 am our time. To make matters worse, the show has recently been moved back, so a lot of those Icelanders that were staying up to watch and vote have now opted in favour of a proper nights’ sleep. All of which is bad news for our Magni, as witnessed by his recent bottom-three results.

But now – banding together as only the Icelanders can [okay, maybe other people can too] – we have a) Iceland Telecom and Skjár 1 [which brodcasts the show] waiving their share of the profits from SMS messages, in order to encourage people to vote b) Og Vodafone waiving their profits as well, in order to encourage people to vote c) all three taking out large advertisements in all the major papers, with the message ‘Magni needs you’ or some variation thereof d) a school in Egilsstadir, east Iceland [near where Magni is from] giving their students the first period off tomorrow morning to encourage them to stay up and vote. And probably some other things that I either haven’t heard about or have forgotten.

So YT, not one to turn her back on family at a time like this, has already programmed her vote into the cell and plans to wake between 2 and 6 am and fire off as many SMS missives as she can before being wrestled down by sleep once more. Go Magni!

The worst – strong winds from the north. Seriously, I don’t think there is any weather I dislike more than this. It’s so frigging cold and my neck instantly starts hurting from my whiplash injury [that cold really gets to your bare skin no matter how tightly you bundle] and I turn grumpy because I crave fresh air but don’t want to go outside. To make matters worse, our microwave died last night so I can’t even heat up that rice bag thingy that I like to put on my neck for heat. Boo-hoo, woe is me. But I shall now shutup about my predicament and give you temps: a mere 7°C and a heckuvalotless with windchill and the sun came up at 6am sharp and set at 20.55.

[PS thank you thank you for the comments and emails of support after yesterday’s post. When bad energy like that enters your life, it is so crucial to have positive vibes and kind words with which to meet it. I got that in spades. Thank you.]



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