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We’re back in business!

As some of you may have noticed, this site’s been down for about the last 24 hours – profuse apologies for that. It was caused by a ‘human error’ on behalf of my service provider, who by way of apology have promised me the firstborn of every member of their staff over the next decade. Just think: if I can persuade them to throw in Brad Pitt and a mansion in the South of France I can pretend I’m Angeline Jolie!

Anyway, I had a little MY ICELAND post all ready to go live last night, only to find a 404 error where my admin panel was supposed to be, and where my blog was supposed to be that dastardly page from A Small Orange claiming they’d never heard of The Iceland Weather Report [they lied]. But now that we’re up and running again, do stay tuned, we’ll have something for your reading pleasure in no time.

Till then!



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  • Karen June 2, 2008, 8:31 pm

    The picture I got when looking at your blog today looks a lot like Oxarfoss (sp?), now that I’ve seen it in person. 🙂

    I was wondering if it’s possible to put little labels on some of your photos?

  • alda June 2, 2008, 8:35 pm

    Hi Karen – yep, that’s right, it’s Öxarárfoss at Þingvellir.

    I don’t want to have labels on the actual photos, but if you right-click on a photo and choose ‘properties’ you will see that photo’s label under ‘alternate text’. If it’s a specific location or attraction, it will usually have the name of the place.

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