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Whatever happened to Jadetree?

As many of you may recall there was a bit of a furor around the Weather Report a few weeks ago when a popular Icelandic blog posted links to a couple of entries concerning YT’s dealings with a certain Paul F. Nikolov [aka Paul Fontaine].

Brief recap for those who have just joined us: Nikolov first appeared in the Weather Report comment box around two years ago with a nasty little comment on YT’s entry about Iceland granting citizenship to one Bobby Fisher [pre-Haloscan, so comments have disappeared]. He then returned a bit later with a disparaging attack on YT over the Aron Pálmi issue. I deleted that comment [the first time I’d ever done so], and left my own response in the comment box. A year later ‘someone’ appeared on the website cruel.com under the guise of ‘Jadetree’, urging his pals to flame the Weather Report comment box with this message: Aron Pálmi should rot in jail. According to ‘Jadetree’, YT would then ‘… delete your comment, and then hold forth at length about what a poor victim of brutal American justice he is.‘ Just as YT had done with Paul F. Nikolov’s comment, interestingly enough. Consequently YT was in no doubt as to ‘Jadetree’s identity, particularly as ‘Jadetree’s’ personal website was given as www.grapevine.com, of which said Paul Nikolov had been editor. A further search turned up a blogger profile in which Paul Nikolov was clearly identified as ‘Jadetree’.

A short while later, Paul F. Nikolov entered the political race as a candidate for the Left-Green Party. Subsequently the above-mentioned blog found the Weather Report entries and published those links. A few thousand Nicelanders logged on to read them; some were outraged and shocked, while others were convinced that a massive conspiracy was being launched to bring down the Left-Green party right before the elections.

Nikolov himself picked up the conspiracy flag and ran with it, posting indignant missives on his blog about how political discussion in Iceland had dropped to new lows and claiming that he was the victim of a witch hunt. Predictably he swore off all ties to Jadetree on cruel.com. That was not him, he explained, but rather a friend of his playing a joke. [So hilarous I forgot to laugh.]

However, now, one day before the national elections, all links to the Jadetree entries on cruel.com – including the profile – have disappeared.

What an incredible coincidence, wouldn’t you say? And how convenient for Paul Nikolov that his ‘jadetree’ friend on cruel.com should have removed those links at this precise moment in time.

Did I not predict that this would happen? I did. Did Jadetree ever exist? Oh, yes.

Sunny and beautiful. Today a huge puppet is walking through the streets of Reykjavík, courtesy of the French street theatre groupe Royal de Luxe. Yowsa! Temps right now only 5°C though [41F] and sunrise was at 4:28 am, sunset due for 10:23 pm.