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When political correctness goes horribly wrong

Over in Australia, Santa Claus is being discouraged from saying “Ho ho ho!” because it may be offensive to women.*

Instead they’re recommending “Ha ha ha!”, but won’t that be offensive to paranoid schizophrenics who think everyone’s laughing at them?

Maybe he could say, “Hey hey hey!” but won’t that be offensive to women who think he’s hustling them?

Or he could say, um, “La la la!” but then won’t that be offensive to crazy people?

And if he says, “Heh heh heh!” everyone will be offended because they’ll think he’s being smug.

Meanwhile, if he uses sign language, it may be offensive to deaf-dumb people.

Sigh. It’s a hopeless situation. Clearly it’s just a matter of time before he’s done away with altogether.

It’s been a clear day today, with lots of sunlight. Went out for a run, and was in shade for most of the way because the sun rises so low in the sky now that it doesn’t even get up above the condominiums that line the seashore. But no matter – this sort of day really boosts the old morale. It’s been a bit windy though, which brings our current temps of 2°C [36F] down to what feels like -2°C [28F]. Sunrise was at 10.14 am and sunset due for 4.12 pm.

* I wonder if it’s still offensive if he goes to a brothel.