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Where to?

I have to say I’m feeling slightly directionless in terms of this blog at the moment. After the activity around here this week and my own personal turmoil, going back to posting trivial things about the weather or Nicelandic celebrity visits or cream puff day, or eat-till-you-explode day or what-evah, seems really silly. Yesterday I sat down and hammered out a post about this pornography convention that was supposed to take place here and had everyone in a tizzy and which was then cancelled, and afterwards I just looked at it and went … bleh. Who the hell cares? And anyway, what can I say about it that others don’t say just as well?

I dunno. Maybe this blog, in the shape in which it’s been running for the past two years, is winding to a close. I’ve considered that possibility. I’ve also considered the option of keeping it going and starting another, separate, blog for my own more, shall we say, genuine self. I guess partly what I’m saying is that I’ve sort of lost my enthusiasm for blogging about Icelandic life and festivals and traditions and weather and current events … all these external things. Because, let’s face it, when you’ve blogged about putrid skate three times in as many years, there’s really not that much more to say about it, is there?

So we shall see. I’m not about to trash this little project anytime soon, but perhaps changes are afoot.

Incidentally, I’m in the process of getting together my bouquet of virtual flowers and Big Brass Band because today will be the day when the 100,000th visitor logs on to this site. Whoo-hoo!

Be that as it may, in keeping with the theme of this post, I shall resolutely not post anything about the weather today. Bleh.



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