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Out by the golf course, where I like to walk, someone has gone to great lengths to pick up scrap stuff lying around on the shore and sticking it up somewhere, turning it into makeshift sculptures. Like this broken window that someone has found and wedged upright between the rocks, tying a stone to the side with a piece of string.

EPI thinks it’s cheap, but Iove the humour and the fact that in our crazy busy world someone would take the time to make something out of nothing … just for the fun of it.

Woke up this morning and heard the rope on the flag pole across the street slapping like crazy against it and just thought, Ugh! That rope-slapping sound never bodes well because it means there’s a strong wind from the north, and when there’s a strong wind from the north in winter – particularly in the west end of Reykjavík, you can bet your ass it will be freezing. Which was precisely the case. Waited as long as I could to go for a run, hoping the wind would die down, but to no avail, so I bit the bullet and went for it. Right now -2°C [28F] but feels like -6. Brr. Sunrise at 9:06 am, sunset at 5:15 pm.