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You thought you had problems?

Just be glad, be very glad, that you’re not the director of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service [RÚV] because if you were, you would certainly be facing one hell of a dilemma next weekend.

You see, next Saturday we have national elections. Now, whoever was responsible for calling the elections on that day might well be a complete moron. Either that, or he just doesn’t own a calendar. Why? Because it’s also the date of the frigging Eurovision Song Contest. And as everybody knows, there is nothing Nicelanders love more on TV than the frigging Eurovison Song Contest [except possibly the áramótaskaup on New Year’s Eve]. Because every year we are convinced we’re going to win. Just like last year, when we sent old Silvía Nótt, who was going to snort the Eurovision Song Contest up into her left nostril before being hailed as the greatest winner of the contest ever and sent home with the trophy for the very last time because there would be no need to hold it ever again. – Of course that plan went slightly awry, but only because the Greeks have no bloody sense of humour and didn’t realize that when old Silvía called them ‘amateurs’ and told them all to f*** off she was really joking. But I digress.

So this Saturday, we have elections coming up and in the evening we have Eurovision. And, as ever, the Nicelanders are betting on the best-case scenario, which is that our contestant, old Eiríkur Hauksson, is going to win. Which means that right around 10 pm, just as the preliminary figures are rolling in, old Eiríkur will be sitting in the Green Room waving the Nicelandic flag and everyone will be in a frenzy because he’ll be raking in the votes from all over Europe [well, all around Scandinavia at least – nepotism is rampant in that contest] and it is at that point that the director of RÚV will be faced with the dilemma: Do I stop the broadcast now to deliver news to my people of who has earned the right to rule them for the next four years OR do I leave them to the delirium of their crazed nationalism and risk being remembered by posterity as the man who did not stop the broadcast … etc.

Personally, I’d advise him to keep old Eiríkur on. The general mood of the nation as concerning these elections seems so apathetic that a little nationalistic fever couldn’t hurt. And anyway, it will help some of us forget that, if opinion polls are to be believed, there’s going to be no change in government over the next for years. Which probably means more power-intensive industry all over the country and the selling of our beautiful country to evil corporate aluminium giants at discount prices. Too tragic for words!

Cold and windy. Whatever happened to the summer we had last week? Right now there’s a nip in the air and it’s not very pleasant – but! soon we will have no night. Last night, for instance, when I went to sleep at 2 am, there was still a hint of light in the western sky, and when I accidentally woke up at 4 pm we actually had daylight outside. And as I remarked to EPI, it’s amazing how it always manages to come as a surprise, even thought it happens every year around the same time. Right now 4°C [39F] and daybreak was at 03.33, nightfall at 23.22.



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