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YT strikes in the Huffington Post

My first post for the nice people at the Huffpo:

Fury in Iceland as disgraced banking moguls request loan write-off

[Er … apologies if it sounds slightly familiar.]

Tense times right now here in Niceland, as parliament is debating whether or not to enter into talks with the EU. It’s been going on for days  and it looks set to be a very close call. They were due to vote on it at 6 pm this evening, but it’s been put off until tomorrow at noon. The Social Democrats wish to submit an application by 27 July; meanwhile the Civic Movement pulled a fast one today and proposed a deal with the SDs – that they would support the EU proposition if the SDs reneged on the Icesave agreement and went back to the drawing board. Drama and intrigue. Stay tuned!

Beautiful sunny day but with a pesky old wind from the north, which as we all know if a major drawback to the quality of life in this country. Seriously, if I had to choose between the fricking banking crisis and not having any wind, any more, ever … I’d choose the banking crisis.* Along with the wind we now have slightly cooler temps than in the past few days




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  • Ljósmynd DE July 16, 2009, 5:41 am

    Am I mistaken, that before the elections the Civic Movement had taken a stance in favour of entering membership talks with the EU without any preceding voting? Are they going back on their word now? And why?

    And I thought, you had already sold off your cold winds and the rain. It was so warm and calm during the first half of July, when I had the honour to spend some days in Iceland, that it looked like the global warming on the fast track.

  • Lee July 16, 2009, 9:09 am

    The Civic Movement may be new to politics, but Machiavelli would be proud! If the Social Democrats reject the Icesave agreement, then the EU won’t accept Iceland as a member. Cunning and cynical – you got to admire the CM’s strategy…

  • SOe July 16, 2009, 9:17 am

    WIND + RAIN is far worse 🙂

  • Nancy July 16, 2009, 1:07 pm

    Well done, Alda Kalda! You have to click on the “World” icon to find the article on HuffPo. Maybe once Congress stops making fools of themselves there will be room on the front page for other matters. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, though. I’ve been reading a lot of HuffPo lately – their Iran election coverage has been excellent.