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Kapow! Happy New Year!

THE MADNESS IS UNDERWAY… New Years’ Eve in Iceland, that is. For those of you who don’t know, fireworks are sold unrestricted to the general public here (well, you have to be at least 16 to buy them) and you can believe that there’s a fairly large demographic (read: young males who always manage to […] Read more

Shadow post

It’s kind of hard to blog when overshadowed by the horrendous calamities in Asia. The petty details of our lives here are pretty trivial when the newsfeeds keep rolling in with ever-more gruelling details and increasing death tolls. At present there are 10 Icelanders unaccounted for and as always when disaster strikes one is made […] Read more

Our Man Kief’

Deadpan headline on Icelandic National Radio at noon: “Kiefer Sutherland is in town” Iceland: cosmpolitan or provincial? Discuss. [YT is still contending with Nasty Flu and will return to more substantial Weather Reporting in due course.]

I knew that…

Little Kid: I know the Yule Lads don’t put presents in our shoe. RE*: Oh really? Then who does? Little Kid: The government. * RE, daughter of EPI, was playing a Yule Lad at a little kids’ function where she met this astute Young Person.

Christmas: the summary

CRIPES! THE SMELL! Yeh, well. The skate party. YT ended her very lovely birthday afternoon by going to a rancid-skate party at EPI’s brother and sister-in-law’s. The smell wafted out to greet us way past the front door of the house and once inside it positively stung the eyes in all its ammonia-laced glory. Naught […] Read more

Merry Christmas!!

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings. So heart-warming! Don’t forsee much posting until post-Christmas. But just because I hate starting something and not finishing it: here are the two remaining Yule Lads… Ketkrókur – Meat Hook. Crafty fella, stuck hooks down the chimney to fish out those smoked legs of lamb so he could feast […] Read more

Running the marathon

Marathon day! All the zillion little Christmas details to get sorted out. Poor EPI’s been sick for two days yet got up early like a trouper to help clean the apartment. Next some last-minute shopping was required (his), then the fetching of a Christmas tree that looked perfectly demure when outside but which inside our […] Read more

No more SAD

Winter solstice today! Also making this is the shortest day of the year. We had our four hours of daylight which is bad enough at the best of times, but when it’s overcast and grey like it was today – pfftt! Can’t even call it a proper day. WHO’S SORRY FOR US? Probably not them […] Read more

They eat horses, don’t they…?

Hasty posty this evening – because it’s not even evening it’s proper night and this is the first free bit of time I’ve found all day to indulge my blogging habit and me eyelids are getting just a weeee bit droopy. Just want to send a big TAKK! to Sigh Club for making the Weather […] Read more

The heat is on

The Christmas heat is officially on. Stressed-out Icelanders flocking to the mall – packing the stores that now stay open to 10 pm every night, and until 11 pm on the 23rd. YT made the insane mistake of heading to the Kringlan Mall yesterday afternoon (a Saturday!) only to get sucked into a car parking […] Read more