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October 2004

Of Penis mall and syringes

Planned on going on a short errand to Penis mall (a.k.a. Smáralind – wish I had an aerial view picture to stick in here, it looks EXACTLY like one) and got stuck there for over an hour, which was mind-numbing as mall experiences are. Grocery shopping followed, in super-size BONUS. More grocery-shopping after that in […] Read more

Forecast bright…

BIG NEWS today – first the headlines: TEACHERS’ STRIKE PUT ON HOLD OIL COMPANIES FINED FOR ILLICIT COLLABORATION The details: Indeed, the teachers’ strike has been postponed pending the passing of a mediation proposal. State negotiator has introduced the proposal and now it just needs to be passed. Please! Kids to return to school on […] Read more

Alzheimer Light

This is awful! I hide my head in shame! Just a couple of hours after merrily declaring my intention to watch the lunar eclipse I completely and totally Forgot! Come midnight my sole concern was getting my butt to bed so I could continue reading the novel I am currently submerged in. My first thought […] Read more


Saved blogging for the evening hours, post- dinner and ER. ER is one of my three must-watch TV shows each week, others being The Sopranos and Six Feet Under – a new series of which started here on Monday night. SFU has some of the most interesting characterization ever seen on telly in MHO. They’re […] Read more


Not the most original title, but absolutely spot-on. Temps around the freezing mark plus windchill factor make this a day not to go out without stockings underneath yer jeans unless you want to suffer frozen-thigh syndrome! Set the alarm to wake me this morning as this was a day in which I had to Do […] Read more

Frosty windshields – ethnic skies

Frost on car windshields this morning. The sun is shining, the trees are unmoving, and the sky is streaked with smooth white clouds. Have as yet to venture outside but look forward to it. Hope to get there before clouds cover sky completely, which is what they say will happen. Later. Caught an interview with […] Read more

Windows and weather

Today’s weather is ‘window-weather’ as they say here. (Yes, you could be forgiven for thinking I am completely obsessed with both windows and weather. You would be wrong, though; it’s purely a coincidence.) Window weather means that it looks a lot warmer from the window than it actually is. It is actually is very cold. […] Read more

Flying made Easy

Sunny and damned cold! Appropriate considering it’s the first day of winter according to the old Icelandic calendar. That nasty wind is the culprit once more … crept back in during the night after a welcome absence over these past two days or so. Strange how it never seems cold in Iceland except when there’s […] Read more

Of windows and displaced teens

Arrr… a mighty fine day it is today! The sun shines, the wind is somewhere else making life miserable, the temperatures are … wait, haven’t been out yet. But I opened a (still dirt-encrusted) window and I think it’s cold. Latest window update: yesterday one of my upstairs neighbours decided to take matters into his […] Read more


Windows still a vague brownish hue. Acting as a filter – diffused light coming through. However, wind has slowed and the sun is shining and it is a beeauuutiful day! Took a lengthy walk to ‘weather myself’ as the Icelanders say and was not sorry. Oxygen tanked, ready for the remainder of the day. Car […] Read more