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December 2004

Cookie ace, yeah!

I did it! I ACED the baking thing last night! Baking cookies, and not just any cookies, oh no. Sara Bernhard cookies. Those of you who know will Understand. Those of you who don’t – well, let me just say that they are arguably the most scrumptious culinary inventions ever and if you haven’t tasted […] Read more

Many dead lice

Well, the dead lice continue to fall. From my head in true Icelandic fashion. Now, it seems, ol’ Bobby Fischer was offered the residents’ status without US authorities being consulted. (See yesterday’s post in case you’re already confused). It was, however, made clear to them that he was not being offered political asylum. And the […] Read more

Our man Bobby

Yesterday’s Breaking News: Icelandic authorities have decided to award ex-World Chess Champ Bobby Fischer a residents’ permit in Iceland. Prompting one to exclaim, in true Icelandic fashion, “Let all dead lice fall from my head!”* Why this stunned amazement? Well, for starters, Bobby Fischer is a Wanted Person in the US. Seems he committed the […] Read more

Watching the finish line

Only six more days to the winter solstice. Amazing how that particular date looms like a psychic finish line: persevere through the gradual descent into winter darkness to this point – the very heart that we are currently immersed in – until the 21st when the trend is reversed and the day begins to lengthen […] Read more

Mmmmm, sleeeepp…

YT gets positively Homer Simpson-esque at this time of the year, although where The Home fantasizes about beer, I fantasize about sleep. Honestly, I think I could sleep around the clock in this midwinter darkness! Getting up in the morning is a Herculean task at times like these. Conclusion: YT would have made an excellent […] Read more

Invasion of the Yule Lads

First Yule Lad arrived in town yesterday morning. For those not in the know, Yule Lads are Iceland’s version of Santa Claus and are, I venture to say, infinitely more interesting than the tubby and insipid ho-ho-ho Coca Cola version. For starters there are 13 of them, each with his own definitive character … or […] Read more

Everything Happens

Yikes! Another blaze last night. This time right in our little nothing-ever-happens-here neighbourhood, which is rapidly turning into Everything Happens Here Neighbourhood (witness blog a few days ago about the cops ‘n robbers action outside my window). It was in the local supermarket, Nóatún, which has been having its share of hard luck lately. First, […] Read more

Let it snow! Please!

I’ve got a sick little AAH staying home from school today. Sore throat, muscle aches, fever. Which reminds me how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work from home – and Be Present on occasions like this without having to explain to anybody (boss, colleagues). To say nothing of all the other little […] Read more

How to get rich quick

Boy, if there was ever a time to pop over to the States to play Rich European Person, this would be it! What on earth is happening to the US dollar? It is now at its lowest rate in relation to the Icelandic krona since 1992. How tempting to jump on a plane and finish […] Read more

Thunder ‘n lightning, v.v. frightening…

I’ve managed to figure out the blogroll thing – yay! Have one foot in the club already. Who’d have ever thought that YT would turn into a Blog Geek? Very short post now – too much information to process. YT THE NATIONALIST Our girl Björk and our girl Emiliana Torrini both nominated for Grammy Awards […] Read more