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January 2005

SAD Office

I AM OFFICIALLY BAFFLED By the fact that, lately, the things that other people rave about only manage to elicit a lukewarm response from YT. Am I that different? Take f’rinstance the buzz surrounding The Office. Everyone goes on and on about how hilarious that show is, so brilliant, they just can’t contain themselves, blablabla. […] Read more

I see Paris, I see France… um…

Oh, my! Yours Truly glided through yesterday in a state of unmitigated bliss, carrying a super-sized grin on her face. All those wonderful complements rolling in! All that outpouring of goodwill, kindness and assistance! Believe me, I felt connected by a silver thread to each and every person who visited my site yesterday. THANK YOU […] Read more

Hey! I’m ‘it’

Imagine my surprise and delight on turning on my computer this morning to find my inbox filled with comments and my site traffic a-rockin’! A moment of pure bewilderment followed, after which a sneaking suspicion began to dawn – could it be that the lovely Michele, whose acquaintance I made only yesterday (via her blog), […] Read more

Copy. Right.

It’s an interesting experience, as interesting experiences go, to find a large chunk of your blog copied and pasted up on somebody else’s website. Me, I wasn’t sure whether I should be coyly flattered or massively annoyed. Such conflicting emotions! On the one hand, it’s nice that somebody likes your ‘intellectual property’ enough to blatantly […] Read more

Christmas tree down

Finally got around to tearing down our Christmas tree last night. Stripped it bare and then chucked it off the balcony, which is always a kick – although the short thud from the first-floor balcony pales in comparison to the tree soaring off the fourth floor in our last place. That was practically the highlight […] Read more


You hit a certain age and you realize that your dreams are not going to go away just because you ignore them. It always amazes me how almost everyone feels much better doing something they are second-best at, and wind up doing just that for their entire lives. Is it because we fear not getting […] Read more

Quakes and such

All Icelanders that were previously unaccounted for in south Asia have now been confirmed safe and sound. Relief is mixed with the terrible awareness of all who were not so fortunate. After all, when it comes to something like this, nationalities really do not matter much. We’re all part of the Big Human Family, especially […] Read more


EPI came home ranting yesterday, and with good cause. Seems those […*] up at Northern Lights Corp., who oh-so generously bestowed upon their subscribers a ‘free’ digital de-scrambler a couple months back, have substantially jacked up their prices. Now all you readers outside Iceland prepare yourselves for severe pangs of pity, for what follows is […] Read more

Call me shameless…

But I’m not averse to self-promotion. This little Writers Digest notice caught my eye today and if anybody feels The Iceland Weather Report qualifies, feel free to drop them a line! BID FOR BLOGGERS We’re looking for a few good blogs to highlight in our upcoming WD special publication, Personal Writing. If you keep an […] Read more

Spare a thought…

… for Polly the cockatiel, who was oh-so ungraciously omitted from YT’s immediate-family listing. A travesty indeed, for Polly is a very important and conspicuous part of the YT household. Particularly at the moment as she anxiously searches for a suitable nesting place. Loyal Readers of this Space may recall a post a while back […] Read more