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February 2005

Fun in da sun

Eeek! What is that?… [Meanwhile the weather today was ice bloody frigging cold again with temps around -2°C and major windchill, although there was sun, so currently YT is sporting a ruddy wind-whipped complexion with a sprinkling of freckles from her walk, nay, against-the-elements struggle along the seashore today. And now if you’ll excuse me […] Read more

Bake sale

I went to a very special bake sale yesterday afternoon. It was organized by the parents’ association at AAH’s school. You paid a fee at the door and you got to eat at will from a long table laden heavy with cakes and other goodies. At 3 o’clock there was an exquisite puppet show, given […] Read more

Spam this!

Loyal readers of this space will recall that a few weeks ago I had my first instance of a chunk of my blog being copied and pasted onto somebody else’s website. And now, dear readers, The Weather Report has experienced its first spam incident. And not just any spam incident either, oh no. Infuriating enough […] Read more


Ugh! Feeling really sluggish and icky and under the proverbial weather. AAH was sick for the last three days and obviously I’ve caught what she had. Hoping it doesn’t manage to wrestle me down into bed – I don’t have the patience to be sick. Especially right now. My bleh! feeling was compounded by getting […] Read more

Oh, the triviality of it all…

SOME MORE USELESS TRIVIAAround 95% of Icelanders aged 16-75 own cell phones. According to a report in today’s Fréttablaðið, there are around 255,000 cell phone numbers in use in Iceland as we, ahem, speak. Meanwhile, the population of Iceland is around 290,000. Unsurprisingly, telephone costs for the average Icelandic family have risen by 70% over […] Read more

Days of Our Lives

I blogged about bóndadagur [otherwise known as feed-your-man-putrid-shark-day] and I blogged about bleedin’ Valentine’s Day, but did I blog about my special day? No! And why not? Because I was Too Damn Busy! My Special Day [otherwise known as konudagur, or woman’s day] was last Sunday. [For some reason man’s day always falls on a […] Read more

Hear ye Hear ye!!

Those nice people over at Sigh Club are running a little contest to garner participation for their Featured Site effort. [That’s right, they feature someone’s blog for a few days – The Weather Report being a previous grateful recipient of that honour]. If the blog you nominate is featured, they will send you a FREE […] Read more

All the world’s a stage…

This afternoon – very shortly, in fact – YT will don a power suit and go spend the afternoon in the Corporate World. Some enterprising companies need advice on how to present their products on the International Stage and consider YT the perfect person to advise on such matters. Now, power suits are not my […] Read more

Paint job

… Guess who’s got her work cut out this weekend??


On waking up this morning, I looked out the window to see these adorning the sky. Sadly, the photograph hardly does them justice. The name says it all: Iridescent clouds.* One of those stunning natural phenomena, like the aurora borealis, that absolutely fills you with awe. It’s been an exceedingly beautiful sun-filled day, with that […] Read more