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March 2005

The dead horse

Had my novel rejected for the umpteenth time yesterday [… the eleventh, to be precise]. It’s turned into the novel everybody likes but is unwilling to publish, to wit: “We thought that it was an excellent first novel, though in need of some work… that said, we were impressed and while this novel isn’t quite […] Read more


EPI gave me flak for writing nasty stuff about old Robert Plant and quite rightly too. It was wrong of me to slag him off by saying that he was old and has a saggy bum because after all, what do I know? I haven’t seen the man in years. [That’s to say, when I […] Read more

Plant rant

EPI, being privy to my recent rediscovery of and super enthusiasm for Led Zeppelin – not to mention being a superexcellent boyfriend – went out last weekend and borrowed the DVD of The Song Remains the Same from one of his pals. Hoping of course to thrill and delight YT with concert footage of the […] Read more

Get naked!

Did I happen to mention that the tourists have arrived? I did? Oh, what I meant to say was: THE TOURISTS HAVE ARRIVED! They’re everywhere. Windbreaker-clad, backpack-geared, map in hand. [Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, Iceland gets more tourists per annum than the population of the country. Which considering the fact that […] Read more

Happy Easter!

I love Easter. There’s something so eminently civilized about it, such promise in the air. Plus it’s infused with springtime and the coming of summer, and as with Christmas you get all these days off but without the accompanying stress. What could be sweeter? The [chocolate] Easter egg hunt commenced chez YT at 11 am […] Read more

Bob tired

As expected, old Bobby Fischer both shocked and entertained the general Icelandic populace with his anti-Semitic, anti-American rants at yesterday’s press conference. I shall not repeat what came out of his mouth because obviously the man’s got a severe personality disorder and getting all worked up about what he said is just plain silly – […] Read more

Bob’s yer uncle

Well, ol’ Bob arrived last night. Evidently there was some disruption to his connecting flight from Copenhagen so those good Samaritans at Channel 2 sent a private jet over to pick him up, which just happened to have their news editor on board. When the jet landed at Reykjavík airport, the city’s affable Commissioner of […] Read more


Well, I was determined not to blog about this, but I cannot resist. This whole Bobby Fischer scenario is just too juicy to pass up. Our new countryman Bobby is due in Iceland tomorrow, now that the Japanese have agreed to release him from the immigration prison or whatever it is they’ve been holding him […] Read more


Kim over at Bacon and eh’s asked about traditional Icelandic food a few days ago, and-I-quote: “I would love if you could perhaps share with us a unique dish to Iceland and maybe provide the recipe? Are your meals much different than ours I wonder?” Now, you may [or may not] note that YT took […] Read more


I’m in a blogfunk today. Maybe it’s because this keeps staring me in the face: … I’ve developed an intense dislike for this rotund little object, which I am told is a “webcam” and which AAH uses to chat to her grandmother on MSN. It looks just a little too devious and smug for my […] Read more