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April 2005

Lost in translation – again!

Ladies and gents, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…YES, it’s another episode of…MFUDDLED ENGLISH LANGUAGE SIGNS! [Applause] [Whoo-hoo!] In a City restaurant:OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, AND WEEKENDS TOO. In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Orthodox monastery:YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT THE CEMETERY WHERE FAMOUS RUSSIAN AND SOVIET […] Read more

The neighbourhood sights…

When I go out for a spin on my bicyclette, I head west along the seashore and soon encounter this: This is a traditional old hut used for drying fish, which was one of the common ways of preserving food here in the old days. This hut is still used for that purpose, as your […] Read more

Bleeding Polly

Film tip: If you get a chance to see The House of Flying Daggers, GO! We went this evening and I came out of the theatre completely lost in another world. Visually stunning, emotionally engrossing, incredibly moving, completely enchanting. A bit like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, only more subtle and yet more powerful. I loved […] Read more

Yah, right!

YT’s efforts to educate the household members are met with blatant disregard: Sigh. THE WEATHERWas fantastic today. Sunny spells, hardly any wind, warm [for us], meaning highs of around 14°C. Took the bike out for a spin late this afternoon to the lighthouse that sits on the end of the peninsula located about a 10 […] Read more

me me me me

Imagine the delight of those tourists about to set off on a whale watching expedition yesterday when a humpback whale measuring 8-10 metres came swimming into the harbour here in Reykjavík [just a 15 minute walk from my place]. It hung around for ages, before finding its way out again on its own. Whales are […] Read more

Plant Film Weather

Well, I did not go to see Robert Plant and band. Instead I instructed EPI to call me on his cell if they played a) Stairway to Heaven, b) Immigrant Song. AAH and I then proceeded to have a girl’s night in, with DVD [In America] and popcorn. The phone rang four times. The first […] Read more

Newsflash: I like Robert Plant again

Yes, old Robert has managed to charm his way into my heart again, following that disastrous viewing of The Song Remains the Same a few weeks ago. And how? By appearing on Icelandic telly last night and actually poking fun of the old days when he appeared on stage with jeans so tight that his […] Read more

Speaking of summer…

Last night a new virus scan update arrives, ping-ping. EPI and YT busily engaged in having a kitchen party. YT hears ping-ping notification from laptop and like a good primary caretaker goes off to see what’s needed. ‘We recommend you scan your computer for viruses,’ reads the message from McAfee. ‘Consider it done,’ is the […] Read more

A post about nothing except Summer

Whaddaya gonna do when you’re so burned out after a) staging a confirmation banquet, b) working like a frigging editing machine for two whole days when you should be recuperating in bed, c) going for a massage and then d) soaking in a hot tub at the local swimming pool in sunshine and the warmest […] Read more


If anyone out there would like a piece of confirmation cake, do let me know. It’s really good: a sponge cake bottom with fresh fruit, a thick layer of raspberry mousse, then another layer of sponge cake and some really fine marzipan on top. We’ve got loads left – loads – and it’s taking up […] Read more