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May 2005

Graduations and other exciting stuff

Phew! Busy weekend. My brother graduating on Friday; party at my father’s house. EPI’s daughter graduating on Saturday; a two-hour ceremony in the afternoon, then a party at the ex’s. Which always presents its unique set of challenges. I’ll say no more. And a bunch of other stuff, like EPI’s sister turning 40 on Saturday, […] Read more

You cannot be serious

When I go out for my run along the seashore, I very soon encounter this: As you can see, this is a perfectly demure little seaside-park-type thingy. It was put there last year, and quite a lot of work and precision went into it. I know, because I witnessed the proceedings every other day when […] Read more

A long post about nothing in particular

Boy, it’s been a Very Long Time since I’ve been so completely devoid of inspiration when it comes to posting. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so deflated in the blogging department. Writers’ blog? Blogstipation? What to write. I could use the old trick of google searches, I suppose. Quick perusal… hm […] Read more

What the…?

Today EPI and I were walking to the store when we chanced upon this: Now what, pray tell, were all those neatly-stacked empty plastic containers doing in that bus shelter, with not a soul within a 500-metre radius? Were they left there by a benign Tupperware fairy? Were they waiting for the bus? ‘There are […] Read more

YT the information sponge

It’s exam week and I’ve been helping AAH study. I’m learning so many interesting things! F’rinstance, did you know that Icelandic women only earned the right to vote in 1915, and the age limit was 40 years? And prior to the advent of labour unions, an Icelandic labourer had to work 10-11 hours a day, […] Read more

Of pervs, Eurovision and folk

I find it utterly alarming how many hits I’m getting via google searches for ‘Icelandic sluts’, ‘promiscuous Icelandic’, ‘Icelandic teenage sex’, etc. In fact, in the time it took me to write this post, one came through looking for ‘iceland, women, sex’. [Hey, punk! Go hump someone in your own neighbourhood!] So many pervs out […] Read more


We’re having some masonry work done to the outside of our building and here’s a pic I took of one of the workers: … and another one when he leaned over, wheeeee…. Meanwhile, Polly the cockatiel sat on her laundry basket, trying to convince herself that The Apocalypse Was Not Nigh… …and that a snooze […] Read more

… And you’re out!

Was it the clothes? The dancers? The absence of drums? The nepotism? Such are the questions preoccupying the Icelandic nation, after our girl Selma was eliminated in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals last night. I think it’s safe to say that everyone was ‘surprised’. After all, Selma had been tipped as a favourite by Eurovision-enthusiasts […] Read more

Camping out

The Eurovision preliminaries are tonight, held to decide who gets to move through to the main contest, which is on Saturday. Icelanders lo-ove Eurovision. [Even if they pooh-pooh it and proclaim to be way above it all.] I reckon that nowhere-but-nowhere are our small-nation insecurities so glaringly apparent. After all, this is our once-a-year chance […] Read more

Is this?

Before dropping yesterday’s Big Question, I leave you with one of my favourite quotes [already cited in yesterday’s comments], and a picture of one of my favourite statues for your contemplation: [Ahem] “Art that doesn’t deal with man’s relationship to God is worthless.” – Ingmar Bergman. [Discuss if you feel like] FAMOUS PEOPLE ALERT!Summertime is […] Read more