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June 2005

A little bit about grief

Thank you friends in Blogland for all your kind words and wishes. They really do mean a lot. There has been no major change. Still, the imminent event seems so overwhelming and huge that just to blog about something silly and insignificant seems, well, silly and insignificant. We go about our daily business – and […] Read more

A serious post

EPI’s mother is dying. It’s a matter of hours now, rather than days. It’s huge and rather scary. I have never been so close to anyone going through this process before; have never observed it up close like this. It’s so often said that here in the West we’re so removed from death – we […] Read more


Boy, this moving business sure is a pain. All that packing of the old archives into boxes and transporting them to the new address, contacting the relevant parties [electricity, water utilities, service providers, stat counters] to inform them of the changes, and finally going back to the old place to make sure it is left […] Read more

Talking cows and stripping seals

It’s midsummer night – one of my very favourite nights of the year. It’s so totally irresistible – that sense of mystique, mischief and celebration. Here in Iceland we don’t celebrate as much as the other Nordic countries do, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t myth and folklore in abundance. On this night… … The […] Read more

Solstice snaps

EPI and I went out for a nature walk last night, it being the summer solstice and all. Encountered lots of tourists with huge cameras out by the lighthouse, taking pictures of the sun setting behind the clouds. YT wielded her little handy-sized digi-cam and managed to procure these pics, taken at midnight: This is […] Read more

Icelanders dissected

Right. So now that I’ve waxed all lyrical about the Icelandic nation and the glory of independence and blablabla, I think it may be time to come down to earth for a short while and dissect the Icelandic national psyche in an effort to find Ten Glaring Flaws. And so, in random order, and completely […] Read more

Independence and bragbragbrag

A lot of people don’t realize that Iceland has only been an independent republic for just over 60 years. Still fewer realize how amazingly far this nation has come in that time. After all, well into the last century, the people of Iceland were still living in turf houses and Reykjavík – now a modern […] Read more

Gleðilega Þjóðhátíð!

National day. June 17. Celebrated each year to commemorate the day when Iceland officially declared its independence from Denmark in 1944. It’s a big day for the people of this country and there are celebrations ALL DAY LONG. It starts with a ceremonial laying of a wreath at the grave of Jón Sigurðsson, leader of […] Read more


So yeah. Went out for a walk last night after pressing PUBLISH. Just as I was about to go out the door who should come home but EPI, so he tagged along. It was about 10 pm and there were lots of people around enjoying the evening. That’s Mt. Esja there in the background – […] Read more

Good to know

Low self esteem is not a big problem in the YT household: … Unless EPI put that up there. In which case I would like to know more. THE WEATHER!Another amazing day. Sunny [will it ever rain on this rain-soaked island again?] and warm with temps around 18°C. In fact right now at 9 pm […] Read more