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July 2005

We set off on our little hiking adventure on a Friday. For the first two days we had a base camp in a fairly remote little valley called Hítardalur [right by Hítarhólmur on this map], which has a river running through it and is very lovely. Our hut was very basic, typical of a mountain […] Read more



Newsflash: Flickr and YT bury hatchet

The church at Búdir Originally uploaded by Alda Kalda. Remember [if you will] how I said I didn’t like Flickr because it took forever to load and such? Well I’ve changed my mind. I now LOVE Flickr – because it has allowed me to upload a WHOLE BUNCH of my hiking photos for your viewing […] Read more


Everyone! I’ve noted that Haloscan has eaten a few of my comments lately. Just wanted to let you know I have not deleted them – I love getting your comments. OK; I’m off. Ciao!


Went to see Emiliana Torrini tonight. Her big homecoming since she became a ‘star’ – of sorts, well since she wrote a hit song for Kylie Minogue and got nominated for a Grammy. Now, generally I hate going to concerts a) because you have to stand for hours, b) because I’m short and generally wind […] Read more


Had a serious case of Techno Blues yesterday. So serious in fact that the laptop had to be carted off to the shop so all those supernice Og Vodafone techie people could operate on it. Which they have – and now everything is hunky dory except for one thing – every couple of minutes there’s […] Read more

In the news: Liv Ullmann is here to scout around for locations to shoot a film she’s directing, based on a novel by Icelandic golden boy Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson. Never heard of him? Well then how about Olaf Olafsson? No? Okay, well, I’ll tell you more about him tomorrow and you can bet that it […] Read more

Sauna Zen

Right. I shall now proceed to tell you why my cottage country is THE MOST FABULOUS PLACE [for rest and relaxation] in all of Iceland. It’s because of this: Seen from another angle…: And another…: [No, I do not know that man. No, it is not EPI.] Can you guess what it is?? Well I […] Read more

Cottage country

Here in Iceland we have a groovy system: labour unions buy summer cottages that their members can rent for a nominal fee. [That’s pretty much every salaried employee, because if you work for someone, you belong to a union]. It’s a pretty cool deal. I’ve been going to a cottage belonging to the journalists’ union […] Read more

WARNING: Rant coming up

Oh, f’rgodssakes! Here I had this blog post all carved out with pictures and everything – and when I go to upload the pictures in imagecave so that I can resize and post them, I get stonewalled. [cue nasal-sounding computer-generated voice] “Your login has expired OR The URL for the album you’re trying to view […] Read more