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August 2005

YT complains

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: YT is renowned for her remarkable skills in the art of complaint. [Yes, it’s true.] Take f’rinstance the Tale of the Expired Hamburger Buns, frequently related at family gatherings and other momentous occasions. It goes something like this: YT heads out to Bónus to buy hamburgers. Is successful […] Read more

Ta da!

For Louise, and anyone else who cannot imagine what mint green pumps with kitten heels look like [not to mention anyone with a shoe fetish] I give you… THE PUMPS … Now if I could just find something to wear them with, I’d be all set. TODAY’S NICELAND WEATHERGrey, blustery, reasonably mild. It was raining […] Read more

Raiding the High Street

Purchases garnered today through a last-minute raid on the remaining summer sales: 1. Pair of mint green pumps with kitten heels. YT never wears green, much less mint green, but the leather was simply too exquisite to pass up. Plus they were 50% off. 2. 1 Gerald Darel top of the finest cotton; light blue. […] Read more

Cockatiel love

Polly the cockatiel is driving me insane. She refuses to leave me alone. At this very moment she is running back and forth outside the door to the room I am in [little feet-pitter patter], back-and-forth, back-and-forth, and occasionally emitting the sharpest, most piercing cockatiel sounds you will ever hear in your life. It’s the […] Read more

A tragedy

Dreadful news yesterday: a horrific car accident in east Iceland, a private vehicle in collision with a transport truck. Two passengers dead at the scene, the driver sustained life-threatening injuries. Only today did we discover that the driver is one of EPI’s colleagues. She’s in critical condition, underwent operations last night and again today. Doctors […] Read more

God’s little joke…

What-oh-what would possess Him to make it so that two women living in the same household always get their periods at the same time? Hmm? Are we s’posed to be laughing? THE WEATHERCrappy. Rainy. Oh and guess what? Current temps are 12°C. Betcha didn’t see that one coming. Daybreak 03.47, nightfall 23.15. Off to bed […] Read more

Romanian orphans and things flying

EPI’s eldest daughter went off to Romania a few days ago. She’s there for a month to work in an orphanage in a region about an hour out of Bucharest. She’s a medical student, going into her fourth year in September, and last summer she was in Slovakia to work in a hospital with a […] Read more

Gay Parade

It was Gay Pride day in Reykjavík yesterday. EPI and YT went and checked out their oh-so-fantabulous parade, along with 39,998 others. I managed to snap a handful of photos before my camera battery conked out on me. Iceland allows gays and lesbians to marry in a civil ceremony [although they don’t call it ‘marriage’ […] Read more

Speeding deadlines

Friday again! How did that happen? I guess this is what transpires when you barely look up from the computer screen for days on end… that’s right, after a fairly lax July [in which all of Iceland practically shuts down – well, except if you work in tourism] YT has well and truly been hurled […] Read more

Money can’t buy you… privacy

I now have that audacious publication in my hot little hands: the one with the salaries of all my fellow citizens in it. Yes, dear readers, YT is not above a little salacious snooping. And before I go further, let it be known Ithat I stand corrected: it reveals the wages not of 1,000 Icelanders […] Read more