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September 2005

Festival happyland

So last night they have this interview programme on TV, where a woman is introducing the Reykjavík International Film Festival, which begins today. YT: [idly, to EPI, over dinner] That’s funny, I thought the film festival wasn’t until next month. EPI: [idly, to YT, chewing] No, it’s tomorrow. It starts tomorrow. YT: Hm. I could […] Read more

Sordid e-mails and other fun stuff

Well good, I’m glad you’re all enjoying this story because there’s more. It’s arrived at the point now where the initial feeling of stunned surprise has died down and the nation sort of leans back and observes the two camps going at it like wild beasts. Everybody’s demanding an investigation into everyone else, everyone is […] Read more


The rather sparse use of the comment boxes over the past couple of days would indicate that the topic under discussion is not a huge hit; however, please bear with me, it is the single most significant matter the Icelandic nation currently has to contend with and really no different to, say, an earthquake or […] Read more

Scary monsters super creeps

Well, the earth has continued to quake here in Iceland today as Fréttablaðið kept emptying out its dirty postal bag containing secret e-mails sent in the strictest confidence between some very powerful individuals about two years ago. [Here’s a valuable lesson: Do not ever think that what you send in an email is private!] As […] Read more

Baugur BOOM!

Well. I think it’s safe to say that the Icelandic nation is absolutely gobsmacked over the two bombs dropped by daily paper Fréttablaðið this weekend – one yesterday [boom], one today [BOOM]. It concerns the Baugur case, which I have steadfastly tried to keep my fingers off in this space, if only because a) I […] Read more

AAH and the interpretation of úlpa

SOCIAL CALENDAR OF AAH, AGED 14 Friday, 4pm: Meeting of community centre council.Friday, 6pm: Dinner at friend’s place.Friday, 7pm: Joined by posse of galfriends, glam self up for…Friday, 8pm: Dance at community centre. Saturday 7am: Work in bakerySaturday 4pm: Go home.Saturday 8pm: Go to partySaturday 12 midnight: Get ass home! Sunday 10am: Work in bakerySunday […] Read more


Such a serene day. No fear No anxiety No insecurity No resentments No impatience No unreasonable expectations No adverse reactions to others’ behaviour … Just a buoyant heart and a sense that everything is as itshould be. I’ll take more of those. Please. PERHAPS IT WAS THE SUNSHINEThis morning was one of the most beautiful […] Read more

More useless trivia…

There are 293,537 cellular phones in use in Iceland. There are 293,577 Icelanders. Which means that somewhere on this rock there are 40 poor unfortunates who are not constantly reachable on their ‘gemsi’.* Spare a thought. MEANWHILE, TODAY’S REYKJAVÍK WEATHER…… ran the gamut from brilliant sunshine to slightly overcast, to drizzly, to downpour, to sleet. […] Read more

Brains for dinner

Tonight at dinner EPI entertained me with tales of what his daughter did at the hospital today. [She in turn had entertained him with these earlier]. She’s interning, and today it was brain surgery. Evidently they simply slice the scalp open along the hair line and peel the skin back. [“It’s loose – see, if […] Read more

Warning: do not read this while eating

A new and alarming trend has been sweeping the Icelandic nation of late. It is this: men picking their noses in public. On a grand national scale. I kid you not. I first noticed the odd guy doing it in his car, stopped at a red light. I’d turn and glance [as you do] and […] Read more