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November 2005

Of weird smells and traditions

‘What’s that smell in here??’ Thus spake my perpetually-disgruntled 14-year old daughter on her arrival home from school yesterday. That smell was actually the smell of her mother’s baking. To be fair, it’s not surprising that the child does not recognize the smell of baking when it greets her. YT is not terribly proficient in […] Read more

Breaking! News!

Iceland has a new 24-hour news channel, like a CNN or Sky type thing. It’s called, prosaically enough, The New News Channel*. So why would a nation with a population of fewer than 300,000 need a 24-hour news channel? Precisely. Yet, there it is, broadcasting around the clock, with one of those moving banners at […] Read more

Lights in the darkness etc.

First Sunday in advent today. Here in Iceland, advent marks the start of the Christmas season and in practice means that you can officially begin putting up your decorations. Some people cannot wait for this day, particularly those who hate the winter darkness and live for the day that they can start putting advent lights […] Read more

Cheating #%&*-ing cod!

Sometimes EPI and I have the best time vegging on the couch and acting all appalled at some of the TV fodder we’re served up, particularly some of the idiotic reality TV shows coming out of the US.* Like tonight, when we landed on yet another thrilling episode of Cheaters. For those that don’t know, […] Read more

Going for it in Niceland

I read an interesting quote this evening. One of those ‘Aha!’ quotes that just hits you in the solar plexus for being absolutely true. It was in an interview with a foreign national living here in Iceland, and he was asked what it was that he liked most about it. His response was that he […] Read more

The dirt such as it is…

Right. Since you’ve all been such good sports, I reckon a few words of elaboration on my 10 truths are in order. [Even though each and every one of these could easily be turned into a whole book.] I owned my first property by the time I was eight. … And no, contrary to what […] Read more

The truth, the whole truth…

THANK YOU everyone for humoring me! As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot for me to be amused. And contrary to what you may think I haven’t been holding out on you on purpose – I have a really packed schedule at the moment and haven’t had a chance to get online before […] Read more


Almost 130 visitors to my website so far today and only nine – nine! – who have attempted to answer The Question. [Special props to Teri, who has attempted twice. What a trouper.]

Ten truths and one lie

I’ve always marvelled at those ‘100 Things About Me’ lists that people post on their websites. Primarily because I always think I could never find 100 things about myself that other people would find very interesting. Or even 50 things. Even 20 would be pushing it. However, I do reckon I can come up with […] Read more

A parental anxiety post

AAH has gone off on a trip with the local community centre. They went here. [Lucky girl]. She went armed with a large bag of candy, designed to provide enough of a sugar high to keep her and her girlfriends up all night. At least that was the plan. Because they’d heard through the grapevine […] Read more