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February 2006


Happy eat-salted-lamb-and-split-pea-soup-until-you-burst day. Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m still off having my existential crisis. I just can’t seem to pass up a blog-op like this, so I’m shamelessly recycling old posts. Meh.


Happy Cream Puff Day! That’s right: this is the day when children spank their parents and get cream puffs as a reward. Just thought you might like to know. [Bolla: bun a.k.a. cream puff. Dagur: day.]

Greatest hits

Penis Mall exposedTarantino: the scandalA long post about Oprah and sexIf it makes you want to puke, is it art?Get nakedCommittee splitTime WarpSherlockThe Yule CatPotmenIcefoodCottage countrySauna ZenSlimy pool at LýsuhóllThe hissy fitLeaky pipeThe Immortal PlumberIcelanders dissected … There. Hopefully those will tide some of you over until my return. Ciao!


Is there a place where burnt-out bloggers go? Because if there is, I need to go there. I suppose this is something that happens to every blogger eventually, and now it’s happened to YT: I need a hiatus. Time to regroup, re-evaluate, decide where I want to invest my energy. Whichever way you look at […] Read more


So yes, as many of you Icelandophiles will already know, Sylvía Nótt took home the trophy in the Eurovision preliminaries last night. No big surprises, although there was one song that did for a short while cause a little bit of uncertainty as to the hands-down aspect. The selection was conducted via televote and – […] Read more


So, the avian flu is systematically spreading through Europe, and next stop Iceland. At least that’s what they’re predicting, since our migrating birds come here via the UK and Scandinavia. As reports reached these shores of dead swans in Denmark, the Chief Veterinarian’s Office sent reps to hold meetings throughout the country with regional veterinary […] Read more

Creepy crawlies

RÚV – Icelandic State TV – has just begun broadcasting a David Attenborough series called The Amazing World of Insects, or something. Having been mildly fascinated by that bug movie a few years back [that French one that used all this new technology to film bugs close up – or am I confusing it with […] Read more

Peck. Peck. [not smooch.]

Nancy [who may or may not be in the process of evicting her unborn baby from her uterus at this very moment] wrote an expose a couple of days ago about the dilemma of hugging. And since it’s bleedin’ Valentines Day [which I’m not going to acknowledge because I’m disgruntled at the fact that the […] Read more

The contents of the YT brain

1.Well, sowanso did not win the preliminary elections held by The Alliance yesterday, and despite YT having carted her butt off to the polling station, neither did my preferred candidate. At which I can now stop thinking about this and start not caring again. 2.AAH is home with a fever. Second time in two weeks […] Read more

In which YT’s equilibrium is upset

Ring! The phone. YT: Hello?WOMAN ON OTHER END: Hello… EPI? Is he available?YT? No, I’m afraid he’s out.WOOE: Ah. This is [sowanso] from [sowanso’s] campaign office. Do you know if EPI has voted yet today? [In The Alliance’s preliminary elections…]YT: No, I don’t.WOOE: Have you?YT: […] Um, I’m not a registered…WOOE: Oh, you don’t have […] Read more