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March 2006

She’s a STAR!

… I am not kidding. She was AMAZING, even if you factor out my own personal bias. They ALL were [but especially AAH because she’s got star quality. and maybe one other person. or two.]. I mean, how is it humanly possible to put on a high school musical with 100 people involved that is […] Read more

Killing me with your song etc.

Apologies if you’ve had enough of Sylvía Nótt because EPI and I were in STITCHES tonight when they premiered her new English-speaking [singing?] video for the Eurovision Song Contest. Quite possibly it’s totally local humor that nobody else in the world will get – who knows. At any rate it’s local enough for us to […] Read more

This appeared on my Site Meter today

“adopting babies in pots in Iceland” … Yes, because we grow them here expressly for that purpose. THE WEATHER IS…In a word, ghastly! Freezing cold, -2°C with lots of windchill. [Redeeming factor: it is sunny.] Went out for a walk around the golf course today when it was -7°C because I am insane. With windchill […] Read more

Home improvement

As some of you may know we’re planning to spend a few weeks in Canada this summer. To that end, we’ve decided to do a home exchange, which in my opinion is one of the most superexcellent things ever devised. Truly, my enthusiasm for this newfound travel option knows no bounds. So far we have […] Read more

How do we love thee, let us count… etc.

I realize, friends in Blogland, that I’m probably starting to seem obsessed and more than a little psycho [I’m neither. really.] but I’ve found even more reasons to love Baugur Group. You see, as if it were not enough that they’ve overthrown the old Icelandic power blocs, donated ISK 300 million to the Hringur Children’s […] Read more

This is why we love them

So apropos to the last post, the Baugur family has decided to celebrate their acquittal in Reykjavík district court by donating ISK 300 million [USD 4.3 million / GBP 2.5 million] to the Hringur Children’s Hospital in Reykjavík. And yes, I am fully aware that nobody is entirely altruistic and this may very well be […] Read more

Big news yesterday…

US PULLS TROOPS OUT OF ICELAND United States authorities announced quite unexpectedly yesterday that they will be substantially reducing their military presence in Iceland as of this fall. [In other words they’ll be moving out virtually everybody.] For those that don’t know, Iceland has a NATO base that is manned by US troops, as Iceland […] Read more

Wanda sez…

Thank you everyone for your kind words of condolence, etc. in the face of this current calamity. I’m one tiny step closer [although not as tiny as the Haloscan font size, which henceforth shall be my measurement for tiny] to accepting this laptop for What It Is – particularly after a fortifying ‘e-chat’ this evening […] Read more


So remember that cataclysmic day I had a few weeks back when my laptop and my car both went on the fritz? The car was mended immediately, whereas my laptop remained in the shop. And remained. And remained. For a whole frigging month. In other words, four weeks later, after YT had bitched and complained […] Read more

The week in brief

Here a rundown of the main news stories in Niceland this past week, completely random and totally subjective. JÓNÍNA BEN E-MAILS DISCOVERED IN CALIFORNIARemember my post about Baugur and that rather nasty e-mail leak? The one that seemed to confirm an all-out political conspiracy and was – unsurprisingly – published by Fréttablaðið, a daily free […] Read more