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June 2006


The next Iceland Weather Report shall be brought to you from here, dear readers. Should you prefer the bona-fide Icelandic experience, though, I refer you to the Greatest Hits. Bye for now!

Road tales

Well, the two travelling Barbies regaled us with stories of their adventures in Sicily at dinner. Barbie 1, of course, has been in Italy since January [Firenze], whereas her sister, Barbie 2, went down to meet her for the last two weeks of her stay there, they travelled around in Sicily a bit, and then […] Read more


Hey! It’s that night again when the cows start talking and the seals start stripping and folks get naked and roll around in the dew. That’s right: It’s Midsummer Night in Niceland! AND OUR MIDSUMMER WEATHER IS…Oooh, it’s been bee-ootiful today. Brilliant sunshine – if a little cool, what with the wind coming off the […] Read more


This is what the sunset looked like at midnight last night – the summer solstice, longest day of the year. A couple of minutes later it had dipped below the horizon, where it would hover before rising again just three hours later. Because the sun never really goes far below that point, it doesn’t get […] Read more

The bogeyman is Swedish

In my play-by-play June 17 post I forgot to mention a highly significant event: Iceland played a handball game against Sweden and lost by one goal. However! Something about points and previous wins and yick and yack [I shall never understand the intricacies of sport and tournaments and championships] meant that despite losing, they will […] Read more

We’re rich we’re rich…

Iceland is the fifth richest country in Europe, according to a new list prepared by the Norwegian Statistics Bureau. First comes Luxembourg, then Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, and then our very own Blue Isle. I wonder if it has anything to do with this. In which case it’s hardly worth it. STILL RAININGYes. I’m starting to […] Read more

The lame patriots

I’d like to tell you we got all patriotic yesterday for National Day, rose early to be at Austurvöllur square at 10.40 to witness the laying of the wreath at the statue of Jón Sigurðsson, that we then listened to the new Prime Minister give his first Important Speech since taking office, and that we […] Read more

… Oh right. Before my Internet service went AWOL I had a post all written up [especially for Teri, who isn’t studying cultural anthropology but probably should be] giving more intriguing details of Icelanders’ relationship with the sea. To wit: They say that Eskimos have an inordinate number of words for ‘snow’ and similarly the […] Read more

You wouldn’t believe the farce that played itself out chez YT yesterday. It all started last weekend when the telephone lines started acting funky. There was this ghoulish buzzing on them, as though some ancient poltergeist was striving to communicate with YT and her kin, sometimes accompanied by a dialtone and sometimes not. Similarly the […] Read more


Today is Seafarer’s Day, which is a pretty big deal here in Iceland. Since 1987 it’s been an officially designated holiday for everyone who works on fishing vessels, meaning that all ships, insofar as possible,* must be in the harbour on this day. All around the country there are celebrations, events, speeches, dances, etc. going […] Read more