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June 2006

The sun at midnight

The light was incredible on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula last night. Behind me, as I took this picture, was a full, unbroken rainbow. Magic. TODAY’S WEATHERWhen I took this photo, a thick cover of cloud was just moving in, absorbing the bright orange of the sunset and reflecting it back onto the water and the land. […] Read more


Well the common opinion around here is that the Prime Ministers’ resignation two days ago is the sloppiest resignation in history and could not have been fucked up any more had it been performed by Mr Bean. First, news started trickling out that he might be considering it a few days before the actual event. […] Read more

Dear Edward Fisher, Isaiah Clements, Allen Bruckner, Dianna Barnes, Kenton Key, Ernestine, Enrique, Rusty, Iris, Natalie, Virginia Hays, Julian, Ila Richmond, Theodora Stephenson, et al. I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your concern. The fact that you have taken the time to send me at least 30 e-mails a day over the […] Read more

The News

Yeah, so our Prime Minister resigned last night. All because the party he fronts got such poor results in the municipal elections 10 days ago. Seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? Oh, and also Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConnaghey broke up. RIGHT, SO THAT’S THE POLITICAL CLIMATE…… what about the weather? Right now we have […] Read more

Concert overkill

A few years ago, Icelandic concert promoters caught on to the fact that by exploiting Iceland’s ‘hipcool’ status they could conceivably attract some big names to our windy island. Suddenly this wee city of 200,000 witnessed a flood of famous or semi-famous acts coming in – Sting, Elton John, David Bowie, Pink, 50 Cent, Metallica, […] Read more


One of the most bizarre searches in a long time appeared on my Site Meter today: “Led Zeppelin fornicating with a dead shark”* The search came from Bejing, China. I mean – how many searches come from Bejing, China? And when they do, what are the odds they’ll be searching for “Led Zeppelin fornicating with […] Read more